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12 Creative Easter Egg Activities

  • By Emily Bradshaw

Make Easter the best one yet with these 12  Creative Easter Egg Activities that are sure to delight your children and maybe even you too! 1. A Rainbow of Colour This easy Easter egg activity requires little preparation and will keep your kid’s busy! Mix food colouring with water and paint your eggs in a […]

Invite Birds Into Your Garden With Homemade Food!

  • By Emily Bradshaw

By providing a delicious food source for birds, you will encourage them to visit your garden regularly -particularly during winter when their access to food is limited. This is great for kids as they will develop an awareness of the effects seasonal changes on other species, and quickly come to recognise different types of birds. […]

How To Discover More About Flowers

  • By Emily Bradshaw

Flowers make a great addition to any garden and you can really make the most of your flowers by helping your children to learn more about them. By taking a flower to pieces and explaining the different parts and their purpose, you will give your children a head start in understanding the life cycle of […]

How To Grow Your Own Delicious Salad

  • By Emily Bradshaw

Growing your own salad with the kids introduces them to the concept of practical gardening. It will also increase their interest in healthy food (and the likelihood of them eating it!). It’s a super fun activity for all the family to enjoy and you get to reap the benefits of your produce in your home […]

How to Make a Wormery

  • By Emily Bradshaw

Charles Darwin studied worms for almost 40 years. At the end of his studies, he came to the conclusion that life as we know it would not be possible without them! Worms are an essential part of the environment and they do two incredible things most of us don’t even realise. They increase soil fertility […]

How To Make Your Own Compost

  • By Emily Bradshaw

Why? Introduce your little ones to the natural cycle of growth and decay. This will follow them through school so the sooner they learn about it the better. Encouraging kids to become recyclers will also help reduce unnecessary waste in landfill sites, so there are lots of positives to having a go at making your […]

How to Make An Indoor Prickly Cactus Garden!

  • By Emily Bradshaw

Why? Cacti are a fun plant for kids to collect as they come in many interesting shapes and sizes. Creating your own indoor cactus garden is a great opportunity for children to be creative and learn about plants from different climates. Cacti are very low maintenance meaning you will only need to water them when […]

Sensory Plants for Children

  • By Emily Bradshaw

Create a sensory garden for your kids that is not only beautiful to look at but teases all their other senses too! These sensory plants can offer a great way to enhance your children’s imagination and get them interested in the garden world. Most gardens offer a visual appeal, but a sensory garden is designed […]

How to Decorate A Plant Pot With The Kids

  • By Emily Bradshaw

  This project teaches kids about art and design, preparation, as well as how to clean up after themselves. Plus, it is loads of fun! All you need for this activity is a terracotta pot, emulsion paint in various colours, some paint brushes and bags of imagination. Something that comes naturally to kids.   Most […]

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