Garden Sheds as a Solution for Pet Owners

Last modified: November 15, 2023

Garden Sheds as a Solution for Pet Owners

A green and white decorated chic garden shed with a dog stood on the porch


A green and white decorated chic garden shed with a dog stood on the porch

A dog sitting on a chair inset in a shed

If you are considering becoming a pet owner, then you should also consider whether or not you have the right facilities. This doesn’t just apply to inside your house, as many animals require space outside the home too. Besides, you may not want to keep your pet inside and prefer the idea of giving them their own space. 

That’s where garden sheds come into the picture, as they are an excellent option for pet owners who want to ensure their animal is safe and well but also want to keep it in an area separate from their own living quarters. 

Within this article, we will be taking a look at why a garden shed can be a great purchase for pet owners. We will also examine the customisations that can be made to sheds to turn them into doggy spas, grooming stations, and more. We will also have details on how you can style your shed to turn it into a pet palace because, after all, your pet is a member of the family and deserves the very best.

Two dogs sitting outside of a shed

A Garden Shed for Your Cat or Dog

Cats and dogs are the most common domestic pets in the UK, with over 60 percent of all pets being one or the other. Even if you like having your pooch or moggy within the home, the garden shed can still offer you a place to do those messier tasks, such as grooming or washing your pet. 

Sheds can also be a great little personal space for your pet, where they can go relax when they want to spend some time on their own. 

Some of you might be thinking that a kennel can provide a similar level of protection. However, that’s simply not the case. If you opt for a simple kennel, there are space limitations and it’s likely that your pet will still want to come inside during bad weather, which we are all too used to here in the UK. 

Whereas the option of a garden shed will help you keep your home clean and provides plenty of space for your animal. It is also a brilliant option if you have children in the home, as there are likely times then you want to keep them separate from your pet. 

3 Tips for Designing Your Garden Shed for Your Pets

There are several things you should consider when designing a garden shed for your animal. For instance, a young pup doesn’t mix well with small tools they could swallow nuts and bolts, and likewise, cats love to climb, so anything fragile should not be placed at a height where it could be pushed off and broken. 

Designing a garden shed for your pet comes down to much more than simply avoiding obvious hazards. You should also consider the following: 1

1. Consider the needs of your pets.

Different pets require different sheds. It might sound obvious but think of it this way; if you have a Yorkshire terrier, its needs are going to be very different from a ball python. 

When considering a garden shed, a starting point is to consider things like space, sunlight, access to power, insulation, and if you want to add a way for your pet to enter and leave as they please (that’s an option that’s more suitable for the Yorkshire terrier than it is the ball python). 

There are almost as many different sizes and types of sheds as there are different types of pets, so choose something that suits you and your animal’s needs.2

2. The Interior Design 

When we discuss interior design for your garden shed, we are not necessarily talking about new rugs and the colour scheme (although it is always nice to spruce the place up!). 

Rather, we are discussing what the shed is going to be used for – for instance, is it just going to be somewhere for your dog or cat to sleep, or is there also going to be grooming stations, pet baths, somewhere for you to sit and relax with your animal, etc. 

The options are endless, but if you decide to give your animal this little place of tranquillity, you might as well create a space that serves both theirs and your needs. 

3. Do you need insulation/ventilation? 

There are some garden sheds that are not designed to be a place of refuge for a pet. For you to use them as such, you will need to customise them slightly. 

Of course, you also have to consider the British weather, which, at best, can be described as changeable. Thus, it’s also worth considering whether you need to add extra insulation and a heat source for the winter months. If it’s a galvanised shed, you will have to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of ventilation so the pets don’t overheat or suffocate. 

A dog parlour with a dog waiting

3 Ideas for Turning Your Garden Shed into a Pet Spa or Grooming Station

More and more people are turning their garden sheds into glorified pet spas and grooming stations. By doing this, they are keeping excess animal hair and hazardous cleaning products away from their home. They’re also making use of excess space in the garden area.

 If this is something that you might be interested in, we’ve got a few tips for you… 

1. Create That Spa Environment 

If your plan is to turn your garden shed into a pet spa, perhaps think of what it is that makes spas so attractive to both humans and pets; it’s their relaxing atmosphere. 

Why not create that vibe in your very own shed-come-pet-spa by introducing some of their favourite toys, comfortable areas for them to relax, and staying with them a little bit longer than usual when you first introduce them to this new area of tranquillity? You can even add calming scents and sounds for your animal, as some essential oils have been found to be helpful in relaxing pets. 

2. Add A Bathing/Grooming Station

Let’s be honest about things; dogs are the UK’s favourite pet, but none of us like the smell of a damp pooch around our home. It simply isn’t nice. 

That’s why it’s a great idea to introduce a bathing station into your ‘pet spa’ garden shed. If you have ever had a newly washed dog jump up on your bed, you will understand the value of this being away from your home. 

By adding a grooming station, you can ensure that your dog’s (or any other animal’s) hairs aren’t being dragged around your home.

The bathing station can even double over as a place where you can clean the grooming products. By keeping these activities in the shed, you have a specified place, and your house remains as you want it to be, i.e. without damp dogs and their stray hairs.

3. Incorporating grooming tools and supplies

Let’s not forget that we are dealing with an actual shed, which can be used to store things. The dog grooming market in the UK is worth over £400m. That’s a lot of equipment owned by pet owners which needs to be stored. By cordoning off specified space, you can use your garden shed as somewhere to store these items. Just ensure that everything is safely stored away from those curious animals. 

Pale green and lavender painted apex wooden shed with double doors open and two dogs lying outside

Ideas for Turning Your Garden Shed into a Doggy Day-care 

Of course, you might have arrived at this page not because of your own pet’s needs, but because you want to know whether a garden shed would be an appropriate place for you to run a doggy day-care business. 

The answer is ‘of course!’

If you are picturing a closed, damp, and cold outdoor room when you think of a shed, then you need to update your ideas. Nowadays, garden sheds are so much more. A garden shed can be a beautiful bright, multi-functional place, which you can use to earn a living. 

In fact, the idea of turning a shed into a doggy day-care centre is a brilliant one, especially if you go about it the right way. Something worth considering here is the different areas you will need to divide your shed into. 

You will need a play area, a sleeping area, and a feeding and watering station. If you are looking after several dogs, these will all have to be blocked off from one another. This can be discussed when purchasing a new shed or when you are renovating your own. If you are looking for advice, don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors. 

Considerations for Choosing the Right Garden Shed for Your Pets

At this stage, you probably recognise the advantages of using a garden shed for pets. It’s a dedicated space where your animal can feel totally at home and escape the weather conditions, and it also reduces pet-related issues in the home. 

The shed can even be a place where you start your own business, or just separate cleaning and grooming activities from your own washing areas. What you’re probably uncertain about is what you should consider when choosing the right shed for your pets.  

Obviously, the bigger the pet, the more space you will need if you are going to use your garden shed as a place of refuge for them. 

Similarly, we don’t know if you have ever tried to bathe an Irish Wolfhound in a small sink, but it’s just not possible. The facilities you will need depend on your animal’s size and how many of them you plan on using the shed with. 

The British weather should also come into the conversation. You should choose a shed that is suitable for the climate and one that your pets will be comfortable in. 

Lastly, your own personal preferences and style definitely come into the conversation. This shed is going to be sitting in your garden, so you will want to ensure that it is a construct you are happy with. 

Maintenance and Care of Your Garden Shed for Your Pets

Of course, once you do choose a shed, you will want to look after it as this will increase its lifespan and ensure that is a place that you and your animals can enjoy for years to come. The most obvious way to do this is with regular cleaning and inspecting for damages and repairs as needed. 

You might also need to make amendments to the structure as your pets, or business, grows. This could be with a simple layout change, or it could be more effective to change the design further down the line. 

It’s also important that you ensure that there is proper ventilation and airflow within the shed and ensure that any harmful objects, chemicals, or materials are kept out of reach of animals. Not forgetting, pets are prone to escaping – so you’ll need to check that all doors and locks are secure. By keeping abreast of what’s needed, you should have a place that suits both you and your animals in the medium to long term. 

A Garden Shed for You and Your Pets 

Not only can a garden shed be a great place for your family pet, but it can also be a brilliant place to store pet-related items, offer a sanctuary for the animals, and you can even start your own animal-friendly business in one. 

When designing a shed for you and your pets, you should consider adding a few personal touches, and matching it with the existing design of your back garden. That way, you’ll not only have a happy pet, but they’ll also have a happy owner.



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