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Exploring Colours to Paint Your Garden Shed

Exploring Colours to Paint Your Garden Shed


Exploring Colours to Paint Your Garden Shed

Exploring Colours to Paint Your Garden Shed

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Sometimes a simple change in the home exterior can bring a great effect. Like, adding some soft or hard landscape, installing lights, or painting your garden shed. If the shed has become old, you can paint it in an attractive colour to change the entire exterior. Many people make the mistake of painting a shed in white or off white; that looks boring. Instead, consider experimenting with bright colour tones like yellow, pink, red, orange, etc.

Things to Consider Before Painting 

Before choosing any colour, think of the look that you want to give to the shed. Do you want it to look modern or do you prefer a country or traditional style? Likewise, choose the right paint for the shed material; wood, concrete, metal, etc.

Also, focus on the quality of the paint as low end paints peel off faster. Since you are going to paint an exterior, the paint has to be weatherproof to resist the rain, heat, snow, etc. High-quality paint typically can last from 8 to10 years.

Make sure to read the instructions and follow them for the best results. If it’s an old shed, you may need a few coats of paint or primer to cover it. A new shed usually involves less effort.

Exterior paints come in two forms; water-based or oil-based. Professional painters are generally best qualified to handle oil-based paints. If it’s a DIY project, water-based paint is often a better choice, because of easy clean up. In either case, it is best to apply a primer, to create a base for the final paint surface.

After you have planned everything, it’s time to select the paint. Whether the finish is matte, satin, or gloss, depends on your personal preference. You may need to use sandpaper to level an uneven or bumpy wall. Also, choose the right brushes. Never paint in rainy or humid weather, or you risk it peeling or extending the drying time.

Choosing Colours

Before choosing colours, you will have to decide if you like tints, shades, pastels, or neutral tones. Tints give a soft look, whereas shades are warm, and neutral colours have a combined effect. Tints look modern whereas shades give a vintage look. On the other hand, pastels create a traditional or village-type look. You can also use a combination of two tones, depending on your taste.

Also, decide if you want the shed to stand out in the whole outdoor, or if want it to remain in the background. The surrounding elements can help you decide. Paint it light to stand out against the dark greenery, or paint it neutral or pastel colours to keep it in the background.

You should also make the garden shed appearance compatible with other buildings around it. With greenery, you have more colour flexibility. If the shed has fences or a gate around it, consider painting them all in the same tone to create balance.

Consider Blue 

Different tones of blue look bright and natural and enhance the landscape. The colour remains appealing, even with dust on it. Some choose to paint the exterior in enamel or oil-based paint, and the interior in an emulsion. Off-white, white, or ash white is a popular choice for the interior. If the exterior has grooves, you can give them a contrasting colour.

What about Yellow

If you live in a cold area where summer comes for only a little time, yellow is a good choice.. Yellow makes greenery more attractive due to the contrast. It absorbs the sunlight and becomes brighter in the rain. However, it’s best to give it a matte finish, because the glossy yellow can cause glare. For a fun touch, paint grooves or other details in orange or red.

Rainbow Effect 

Those who love to create a beach look try painting your shed in rainbow colours. If you are concerned about that being too bold, test a single wall, before painting the whole shed. Finish all colours as glossy or keep the rainbow matte.

Create a Soft Look

Though pink is not right for every building exterior, in the case of a garden shed, it can give a unique and soft look. You can create a contrast by finishing the decorative parts in dark brown or black. Pink becomes even more vibrant with colourful flowers around it.

Green Looks Natural

Green can blend in nicely, with other greens around it. If there are dark green trees and plants, choose a medium or light green to compliment your shed. Not only does green look natural, but creates a soothing effect on the eyes.

Grey and White

If you want to give a sophisticated, yet contemporary look to your shed, paint it in ash white, white, or grey. For accent, you can add black highlights to the grooves or other decorative elements. A popular trend is to paint both interior and exterior in the same tones, creating a monochromatic colour scheme.

The Takeaway

Garden sheds are generally compact, so you can repaint them often, without investing much in resources. Exploit the colour scheme according to the current trends. It’s your shed, so give it your style and colour and let it show people your personality.


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