Dress up for Snow Sledding: Top Six Sledging Essentials
Dress up for Snow Sledding: Top Six Sledging Essentials

Dress up for Snow Sledding: Top Six Sledging Essentials

Everyone knows the joys of sledging, and it’s something that both kids and adults can enjoy together. The thrill of seeing the local park and hills being covered in snow is almost as exciting as the thought of a day off work or school!

If you are planning on bringing your family to the slopes — to make the most of the holiday season — one of the most important considerations of a sledging day is dressing accordingly.

Dressing appropriately will guarantee that you and your family will stay warm and dry, getting the most fun out of your sledging day. Just as you would wrap up warm and be safety conscious when going skiing abroad, the same thoughts should apply when heading out sledging at home.

Listed down below are our top six sledging essentials to help you achieve a successful play day in the snow.

Top Six Sledging Essentials

Winter Gloves


What’s the point of going out for a sledge without playing in the snow? Do you want to get ready for a snowball fight? Then make sure to keep your hands, especially your fingers, nice and warm with gloves!

Moreover, gloves do a great job of protecting your hands if any sledges run over them.



Regardless of the cold weather, sledging is also considered to be thirsty work. Nothing beats having a warm flask of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa to warm your insides when having your well-deserved drink break!

Whether you’re going for a sledge or you’re just going to watch, you can never go wrong with a warm flask serving your favourite winter drink.

Thick Socks


Same goes for your feet; your toes have to be protected against the cold. Even with wellington boots on, keep in mind that wearing thick socks is also essential. 

Running back up the hill, sledge in hand is made even more difficult if you can’t feel your toes, and you don’t want to miss out on your turn because you took too long!

Winter Hat


It is important to wear a hat to protect your head, as the heat from your body escapes quickest from your head. A hat will help to conserve the energy you’re creating.

Not only that but hats also acts as a protection for your ears, preventing them from getting full of snow. You know what to do! Go and add a hat to your essentials list.

Sledge – or Alternative


There is a debate nearly every year about what constitutes the perfect sledge. Gone are the days when wooden toboggans were the go-to, now youngsters can reach for plastic sledges that even come with mod-cons such as levers to help steer. 

Whatever type you choose to reach for, it would be impossible to enjoy sledging without something for you to slide on, even if it’s a plastic bag!

Spare of Clothes


Bringing some spare clothes is crucial, especially if you don’t want to get wet and look miserable once the fun has stopped. Packing extra clothing options mean you can change into dry garments as needed.

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