You Can Now Feed the Birds Using Your Kitchen Scraps
You Can Now Feed the Birds Using Your Kitchen Scraps

You Can Now Feed the Birds Using Your Kitchen Scraps

Drawing birds into your garden helps reverse the trend of declining wildlife population. And while you can be able to support nature conservation, attracting birds to your place will surely be a delight to every member of the household!

In line with that, our outdoor experts have produced a simple guide to which foods in the kitchen are suitable for wild birds.

8 Kitchen Scraps You Can Feed Wild Birds With

We can never deny the fact that the number of wild birds in the UK is decreasing at a worrying pace. The good thing is, homeowners can help solve this problem!

To be able to feed and maintain wild birds’ rich population, homeowners need to understand which foods are safe for them. Utilising waste instead of getting rid of it is key to maintaining a healthier environment that should concern everyone.

By using food that would otherwise be discarded, households can take a small step to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle for the future generation.

1. Baked Goods


Few of the baked goods that are attractive to wild birds are stale bread, cakes and cookies. Before you place them outside, make sure to crumble them into small pieces and soak them in water.

2. Cheese


Though you can feed birds with cheese, not all types are suitable for them. Make sure that soft or mouldy cheeses, stick to stale or hard cheese like cheddar aren’t in your options. High-fat foods are perfect, especially during the winter months.

You can use a cheese grater for small and easy to digest bites.

3. Pasta and Rice

One of the greatest sources of carbohydrates for birds is cooked plain pasta or rice. Don’t forget to wash it thoroughly to remove any oil or salt, then cut into small pieces.

4. Vegetables


Another great offering for the birds is scrap veggies such as baked potatoes and vegetables leftovers. You can mix them with sunflower seeds for a perfect bird meal.

5. Meat


Similar cheese, you can’t give mouldy or rotten meat to birds. We all know how valuable of a protein source meat can be. You can serve beef fat trimmings and meat bones for a tasty meal.

However, there might be other wildlife to come after these treats. To deal with that, you can place the meat in a bird feeder instead of putting it out in the open.

6. Pet Food


Pet foods for dogs and cats are designed to be healthy as they offer the animals all the necessary nutrients they need. This makes pet food an equally perfect alternative to feed the birds.

Dry pet food is also an option, however, make sure to add water (a small amount can go a long way) beforehand.

7. Cereal


If you’re planning to feed them with cereals, you can stick to the type with a little to no sugar content. Also, avoid artificial dyes, then add water and leave to soak for a wholesome bird treat.

8. Eggs


Another food that is a great source of necessary nutrients for birds are cooked eggs. Whilst the eggshell itself can be a great source of calcium especially for nesting birds and help aid digestion, boiled egg is also a great meal.

Egg shells are great throughout the changing weather and do not attract vermin as other products may do.

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