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Best Wiper Blades 2018

Best Wiper Blades 2018

Why did we decide to write a roundup on the Best Wiper Blades for 2018?

Well, it’s because vehicle owners hardly notice the importance to wiper blades. Not until they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a downpour with an annoying squeaking sound from their wipers.

Afraid to get the windshield scratched, you’d probably just prefer to pull over and wait for the rain to stop. Or maybe slow down and continue driving half-blinded by the rain. True story, right?

Wiper blades work just like your regular razor blade. The rubber wears out becoming brittle and hard because of heat exposure which is more likely to happen on cars.

And once the rubber on a razor loses grip, you’ll end up scratching yourself with the blade. Same is true with your wiper blades as they become useless when the rubber dries out.

This just tells us that we need to replace them before they anything goes wrong.

To help you decide on which wiper blade you should replace with your old one, we rounded up the best ones we can find in the market.

In choosing the Best Wiper Blades 2018, the price is definitely one of the factors that affected our judgement. However, we made sure that each of these wiper blades also is of high quality to make them reasonable for their price.

Our Picks for Best Wiper Blades 2018

[amazon table=”11020″]

Things to Consider When Replacing Your Wiper Blades

✔ Size

Wiper blades vary in size because some will fit in certain car models and some won’t. Before buying a new set of wiper blades, check your manual and look for the specifications of your current ones.

In case you cannot find it, or you misplaced your manual somewhere, you can measure your wiper blades and compare with the model you’re eyeing on.

✔ Type of Wiper Blade

Aside from the usual conventional wiper blades we know of, there are other types available in the market:

  • Beam blade – This type of wiper blade doesn’t have an external frame, unlike the conventional one that has a metal frame. Beam blades have a spring steel integrated into the rubber which puts more pressure on the windshield when wiping. Although they cost a lot more than traditional wiper blades, they are surely worth the price because they completely wipe off your windshield and doesn’t streak.
  • Silicone wiper blade – Rubber can dry out anytime soon, even when you just bought new wiper blades. If you’re tired of replacing them with new ones, you can invest in silicone wiper blades. Surely they will wear out as well but twice as long as rubbers do. Silicone wiper blades also wipe away more water leaving your sight clear as you drive along the highway under heavy rain. These type of wiper blades are also less squeaky than rubber wipers so expect them to be more costly.
  • Winter wiper blades – To keep ice and snow off the blades, winter wiper blades come with a protective shell made of synthetic rubber. This prevents any snow from clogging up on the wiper and synthetic rubber stays soft even during cold weather temperature.

✔ Season

When choosing the right set of wiper blades, consider the upcoming season to know whether they will be of good use. It is highly suggested that you switch wiper blades as the season changes.

Keep in mind that there are appropriate wiper blades for each season to prevent any accident from occurring. Winter wiper blades aren’t recommended to be used during other seasons and vice versa

✔ Budget

Wiper blades are offered at different price points. There’s nothing wrong with choosing affordable ones but make sure they will last for a long time. Maybe it’s better to invest on more expensive wiper blades if they guarantee better quality and durability.

Best Wiper Blades 2018

[amazon link=”B00BJLTVMM” title=”Bosch A980S Wiper Blades Set” /]

[amazon box=”B00BJLTVMM”]

✔ Flat aerodynamic shape

✔ Less Noisy

✔ Spring-loaded rails

✔ Easy to fit

✔ 600mm & 475mm / 24″ & 19″ in length


Bosch is an automotive parts brand that has been relied upon by car owners for almost 75 years. This company is known for high-quality parts and they have a wide array of selection for wiper blades.

The Bosch A980S Aerotwin Wiper Blade is an upgrade from the conventional wiper blades. Even at highest speed, this wiper blade is still reliable and still performs well.

This blade set can work great even during winter because the blades don’t freeze and they wipe off the snow on your windshield. It’s also resistant to insects as well as with dirt.

[amazon link=”B00BJLTVMM” title=”Learn More” /]

[amazon link=”B006ESJV1G” title=”Bosch A556S Wiper Blades Set” /]

[amazon box=”B006ESJV1G”]

✔ Very easy to fit

✔ Uniform distribution of force along wiper blades

✔ Flat aerodynamic shape

✔ Push button fitting type

✔ 600mm & 400mm / 24″ & 16″ in length


This wiper blade set is another one from the same company that’s integrated with aerodynamic technology to help the blades leave a clear windshield on each swipe.

The Bosch A556S Wiper Blades Set includes two spring-loaded rails that evenly distributes the pressure on the blades when it comes in contact with the glass. The aerodynamic technology on these wiper blades also helps reduce noise which is a frustration that can distract driving.

[amazon link=”B006ESJV1G” title=”Learn More” /]

[amazon link=”B0054NEC16″ title=”Bosch A930S Wiper Blades Set” /]

[amazon box=”B0054NEC16″]

✔ Aerodynamic technology

✔ Less Noisy

✔ Spring-loaded rails

✔ Pinch-tab fitting type

✔ 600mm & 475mm / 24″ & 19″ in length


The Bosch A930S Wiper Blades Set is another excellent product from the reliable company. These wiper blades are created to look modern while being functional at the same time.

They’re different from the conventional wiper blades because they don’t have any moving parts or pivots. That’s why they don’t make any noise and they evenly wipeout any distraction.

The excellent quality of this wiper blade set is not also affected no matter how cold the weather is as it can stand cold temperatures.

[amazon link=”B0054NEC16″ title=”Learn More” /]

[amazon link=”B005FW4ROI” title=”Bosch A978S Aerotwin Wiper Blade” /]

[amazon box=”B005FW4ROI”]

✔ Less Noisy

✔ Doesn’t streak

✔ Side-pin mount fitting type

✔ 650mm & 425mm / 26″ & 17″ in length

Bosch A978S Aerotwin Wiper Blade quietly cleans your windshield giving you a clear vision of the road ahead. Even at high speeds, this wiper blade full functions so you know you’re safe even when the rain it’s raining cats and dogs.

It’s simple to fit and the aerodynamic spoiler equally distributes pressure on the wiper blades.

[amazon link=”B005FW4ROI” title=”Learn More” /]

[amazon link=”B005FVP6FI” title=”Bosch A118S Aerotwin Wiper Blade” /]

[amazon box=”B005FVP6FI”]

✔ Built-in spoiler

✔Flat aerodynamic shape

✔ Easy to attach

✔ 600mm & 400mm / 24″ & 16″ in length

Also a part of the Aerotwin series, these wiper blades will safely bring you to your destination when driving under the pouring rain.

The evenly distributed pressure on the blades with the help of aerodynamic technology helps clear your vision and prevents any obstruction. The flat aerodynamic shape of the wiper blade helps in reducing the wind noise. All of these Aerotwin wiper blades are easy to attach because they come with a pre-fitted connector.

It will take an average of one minute to replace each of your wiper blades so it’s totally hassle-free.

[amazon link=”B005FVP6FI” title=”Learn More” /]

[amazon link=”B004P1II5Y” title=”Valeo Silencio VM30 Rear Wiper Blade” /]

[amazon box=”B004P1II5Y”]

✔ Quality is guaranteed to be same as original equipment

✔ Single Blade

✔ Easy to fit

Valeo is one of the leading automotive suppliers in France and is also known internationally. Their range of wiper blades are also among the best and used as original parts for European cars.

This Silencio VM30 Rear Wiper Blade is intended to be a replacement for the original rear wiper blades on the following models: Citroen, Fiat, Mini & Peugeot. The company made sure they manufactured a replacement as good as the original one to meet the satisfaction of their consumers.

[amazon link=”B005FVP6FI” title=”Learn More” /]


Honestly, it’s very hard to tell the difference among the Bosch wiper blades in this list of our Best Wiper Blades 2018. They are all equally made with the same aerodynamic technology that ensures a clear vision while driving without making any streaking noise. However, if you want to get the latest one among these models from the same brand, the [amazon link=”B0054NEC16″ title=”Bosch A930S Wiper Blades Set” /] is the one for you.

While if your car is among the models whose wiper blades can be replaced with the [amazon link=”B004P1II5Y” title=”Valeo Silencio VM30 Rear Wiper Blade” /], then go for it if you’ve been satisfied with the performance of the original equipment.

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