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How to Build A Shed: Video Guide

How to Build A Shed: Video Guide

Have you recently purchased a wooden garden shed and need a helping hand when it comes to putting the shed up and getting it assembled?
We know that for many people putting a shed together may seem like a bit of a daunting task, so we’ve put together an easy-to-follow ‘how to build a shed’ video to help you along the way.

At Garden Buildings Direct we’ve designed our garden sheds and other garden buildings to be much easier to put up than other sheds. Check out the video above as BillyOh presenter, Debbie shows you how to assemble your new shed.

How To Build a Shed:

1: Lay the Shed and Components Out

This helps you get an idea of how everything will fit together but also allows you to find where everything you need is before you start.

2: Assemble the Floor

Lie the floor boards face down, make sure the bottom edges line up and then drill four screws into the boards to secure then together.

Lay the floor on top of your shed base.

3: Add the Panels

Start adding the panels. It is recommended that you add the back panels first, leaving a small gap to the side so you can fit the side panel next to it. You might need some help to hold the panels in place while you drill them together.

Note: Don’t secure the panels to the floor at this point as they will need to be able to move slightly as you continue to assemble the shed.

Attach the back and sides together before fixing the front in place.

4: Attach the Gable Ends

Before attaching the gable ends, assemble the trusses using the gables as a template.
Simply screw the gables to the front an back panels.

5: Insert the Centre Truss and Purlins

6: Add the Roof Panels

You’ll probably need a hand to do this bit. We recommend starting with the back panel and then adding the panel opposite, not the panel next to it.

7: Fix the Doors

Make sure that you fix the door locks, hinges and any other fixings before putting the doors on the shed.

If your shed has double doors, make sure that you have the correct door on the correct side, this can be identified by checking that the door bracing points inwards.

8: Screw the Shed to the Floor

Ensure that all the panels are aligned and screw the panels to the floor.

9: Install Windows and Cloak Strips

When you hammer in the cloak strips, ensure you leave a gap to the side of the window glazing so you don’t hammer through the glazing.

10: Add the Roof Felt and Facia Boards

When you cut the roof felt leave a bit extra (about 50mm) to overhang over the front and back, the facia board will cover this. Also leave about 20mm of overhand on the sides to cover the side of the roof panels.


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