Tips to Increase Food Growth in Your Greenhouse

Last modified: June 19, 2024

Tips to Increase Food Growth in Your Greenhouse

Tips to Increase Food Growth in Your Greenhouse


Tips to Increase Food Growth in Your Greenhouse

Grocery prices are soaring, rising 26% in 2023 alone. With high prices and limited wiggle room in shopping budgets, more Brits are returning to growing their own fruits and vegetables. With a climate notably difficult for growing certain plants, this renewed interest in gardening is shining a light on the game changing value of a UK greenhouse. Even a small greenhouse or shed greenhouse combo can boost your fruit and vegetable yield significantly compared with outdoor garden growing.

We explore the benefits of self-sufficiency and how greenhouses can save your produce from the unpredictable British weather.

BillyOh Harvester Walk-In Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouse
BillyOh Harvester Walk-In Aluminium Greenhouse

Navigating the UK Greenhouse Maze

Britain’s relationship with the greenhouse dates back to the 17th century. Farmers and gardeners discovered their power to increase yields and protect plants from changing weather conditions. Remaining a staple of British gardening today, materials have improved to make these simple yet effective structures even more efficient.

Using a greenhouse can increase your yield of fruits and vegetables, but the choices can be a little overwhelming at first glance. Fortunately, we are sharing the greenhouse know-how to get you started on your journey to delicious harvests.

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British Greenhouse Challenges

When most people think of greenhouse gardening, images of large industrial farm greenhouses or their grandfather’s garden shed come to mind, but they are much more valuable than we might realise.

Britain faces more challenges for all year round gardening due to temperature changes and reduced daylight, but greenhouse technologies have soared in recent years. Using materials such as polycarbonate panels to retain heat and reduce scorching, your greenhouse can become your home’s personal greengrocer.

Knowing about challenges is the first step to overcoming them. Some of the more obvious challenges with greenhouse gardening in the UK include:

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BillyOh Polycarbonate Lean-To Greenhouse

Finding Tailored solutions

The challenges of changing British weather are easily overcome with a little planning and working with your space. With many greenhouse options available, everyone can find a tailored solution to fit their needs. Some modern styles of greenhouse perfect for UK gardeners include:

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Design Elements for UK Harvest Kings & Queens

Choosing the best greenhouse for your unique garden sets you up for success from the beginning. A quality greenhouse provides:

Consider some of the following design elements when selecting the right greenhouse for your garden and setting it up for the best yields possible.


Greenhouse options today are much more advanced and varied than back in your grandparents’ day. Selecting the right material for your greenhouse can help increase your harvest yield and improve the structure’s durability for the future. Some of the material options available include:

Polycarbonate panels: Extremely efficient, with better heat retention than traditional glass options, polycarbonate greenhouses are remarkably durable. These modern panels have improved light diffusion to prevent scorching and stand up to rough weather much better than older greenhouses.

Wooden greenhouses: Wood options can be cheap greenhouses compared to their metal counterparts, but actually offer excellent heat retention due to the thermal properties of the wood. An attractive and traditional looking addition to your garden, wooden greenhouses are a great option for garden areas without an abundance of direct sunlight.

A metal greenhouse: For a true long term investment, a metal greenhouse provides the best durability. With no rotting issues to worry about and a strong, sturdy frame to withstand the worst of British weather, a steel frame greenhouse is perfect for gardeners building a self-sustainable life for the long run.

Location and orientation

The location of your greenhouse and its orientation in your garden can make a huge difference to the yield of your produce. With UK sunlight often limited during short daylight hours and cloudy weather, situating your greenhouse to capture the most light can improve your results immediately.

Situate your greenhouse in a South facing orientation to help maximise light for your plants. As the sun moves over your plants from East to West during the day, your greenhouse will spend less time in the shade and absorb more heat to keep your plants comfortable during the nights.

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Once your chosen greenhouse is built and you are ready to start growing, taking a few moments to carefully design the layout inside can dramatically help your yield of tasty fruits and vegetables. Paying attention to the following elements can pay dividends in the future:


Correct watering of your plants and keeping the ideal moisture level in your greenhouse is a major factor in producing a bountiful harvest all year round. Manually watering and tending to your plants each day can deepen your connection with the earth, but schedules do not always allow for such a personal touch.

If you are prone to forgetting your plant’s needs or your life is a bit too hectic for daily care, you can turn to easy and automatic irrigation options to keep your crops watered and happy. Automatic options include:


A greenhouse is designed to maximise warmth and retain water for year round growing.These design features can lead to too much heat or moisture during the summer months, creating moulding problems and leading to rot and failed harvests.

These issues can be avoided with simple ventilation and shading habits, protecting your plants and increasing your delicious summer yields. To prevent overheating and ensure you have enough ventilation:

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Sidestep the UK Greenhouse Blunders

Choosing the right greenhouse for your space is the first step to producing your very own tasty fruits and vegetables, but some common mistakes can lead to growing disasters. Experience your highest yields by avoiding these frequent greenhouse issues:


It is tempting for new gardeners to try to increase their growing yield by watering plants more often than necessary. This can easily lead to moisture issues, potentially causing mould problems within the plants and even rot in the structure if you are using a wooden greenhouse.

To prevent overwatering problems, be sure to note the water needs for each of your chosen plants and consider automated watering options if you find yourself stretched for time.


Overcrowding plants is a common greenhouse mistake. Plants crowded together struggle to absorb enough light and nutrients to thrive. By using good spacing and allowing plants to spread out naturally, each plant will yield more produce and you can more easily spot any pest issues as they have less plant foliage to hide amongst.

Poor ventilation in damp conditions

Ventilation is just an issue during the hot sunny season. Rainy days can also create moist atmospheres, leading to increased moisture in your greenhouse. Although greenhouses lock in moisture to help plants to grow, too much moisture can lead to disaster, even during colder months. Paying attention to ventilation all year round is important to improve your delicious harvest.

In Conclusion

Reducing your grocery bills by growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables has rewards beyond simply saving money. By using a greenhouse to increase your yield and success rate, you can boost your gardening success and nurture your relationship with the earth.

Making smart decisions at the start about your greenhouse size, material, layout, and maintenance can save you a lot of trouble down the road and lead to greater yields from the beginning. See how Garden Buildings Direct can help you to create the perfect growing space to nurture your green thumb.


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