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Convert Your Shed into an Airbnb ‘Shedcation’ Destination

Convert Your Shed into an Airbnb ‘Shedcation’ Destination


Convert Your Shed into an Airbnb ‘Shedcation’ Destination

Convert Your Shed into an Airbnb ‘Shedcation’ Destination

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The innovative approach – Shedcations

Have you heard about the big idea that’s sweeping the nation? It’s making use of garden sheds to create a unique vacation spot! In this guide, you will learn how you can make the most out of vacant garden sheds and log cabins, among other things. A number of Brits are making a small fortune by becoming an Airbnb ‘shedcation’ host. Turn your shed into an amazing destination for a holiday. The concept is simple, yet effective, and you can do it too!

Start by converting your existing garden shed, or if you’re really keen, you may buy a new one. Don’t like your shed? Prefer the idea of a garden cabin instead? Well, before jumping on the bandwagon to purchase a new log cabin, let us learn some more about ‘the shedcation’.

The term ‘shedcation’ is a combination of two words: shed and vacation. It’s a new vacation concept where guests reside in converted log cabins and garden sheds. Airbnb hosts are creating these holiday spots and sometimes making a small fortune. They are providing a unique holiday experience at £40 to £100 per night. You will find sheds or even children playhouses among the listings.

Great Shedcations are Green-cations!

Some hosts offer their cowsheds for rent; you can get as creative as you want, but the best way to create something new is the greenway! Save on heating costs by making your Airbnb getaway a solar paradise. In the millennial age, more and more people want to connect with nature. By creating a greenhouse getaway, you are not only being environmentally friendly, but your guests will be treated to a picturesque view of the sky at night.


You should measure up your shed/ greenhouse, or the space that you intend on putting a new shed – to make sure it can accommodate a bed at the very least. After which you should clean/decorate and inspect its structure and dimensions. You must test the strength and durability of the structure to be sure that it can withstand heavy rains and snow.

If you’re not buying a new shed, it’s important to do the preparation to identify any areas that may be in need of repair. On wooden flooring, you’ll have to make sure there’s no cupping, peeling, or abnormal gap. You should replace anything that is broken or is too old to be used.

The Kitchen

Some people like cooked meals on their vacations, but others love cooking for themselves. Providing a kitchen in your shed provides an option. You can serve your guests cooked food, or, let them prepare their own meals.

You may also wish to install a mini-fridge in your outdoor shed. Additionally, you can install tea and coffee machines so your guests can have their beverage of choice whenever they want.

The Bathroom

Some shed hosts have made toilets and shower places in their buildings so their guests can enjoy the luxury of hot-water showers. Other hosts see installing a bathroom in a wooden shed or a log cabin as a tough task and instead employ portable toilets. That’s the beauty of having a shed/ cabin of your own; you get to choose the design, look and feel.


In the UK it can get pretty cold at night. A proper heating system in your shed is very important to keep it comfortable for guests of all ages. To keep things cosy, you must insulate your building (whether it’s a summerhouse, log cabin, or converted shed) properly to stop the heat from escaping. The good news is you can easily get insulation materials such as fibre-glass and Rockwool.

There are plenty of heating options including electric radiators, halogen heaters, and underfloor heaters. Alternatively, you can install a log burner and use firewood for burning. A log burner won’t cost much and has very low operating costs. Moreover, it gives your guests a unique experience that is not possible with other heaters.


Campers and adventure travellers might be okay with no-electricity accommodation but may need to charge their phone. If you chose to install an electrical heating system, you might also want to install a solar panel to save on energy costs, just as you would with a greenhouse shed.

Electricity connection also allows you to have underfloor heating that will keep your garden building‘s floor warm in cold winters. To add to the beauty of your accommodation, you can install flickering solar lights. Moreover, you can treat your guests to music by installing a small music system.

Extra Features

Do you have enough room to accommodate a group of people in your garden area? Why not create a fire pit and leave some space for BBQs? Everyone loves sitting around a fire pit in cold winter evenings. All you need is free space and effective planning.

And if you want to start making your own garden Airbnb, check out some of our most suitable log cabins for conversion.

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