How to Grow Plants in Your Summer House

Last modified: June 19, 2024

How to Grow Plants in Your Summer House

How to Grow Plants in Your Summer House


How to Grow Plants in Your Summer House

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Experiencing an increased interest in gardening to keep up with the cost of food, gardeners across the UK are discovering the many other benefits to cooking up homegrown feasts. The joy, taste, and health benefits are magnified with smashing dinners using homegrown fruit and veg. Using a summer house is an ideal way to grow produce at home and lengthen your gardening season. Below, we highlight the benefits of ditching supermarket produce and explore how a summer house can help you on your journey.

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Self Sufficiency: Not Just a Trend

A study from the University of Sheffield revealed that people who grow their own produce consume more fruit and veg in their diets than people relying on supermarkets. Recent economic problems have sparked a lot of people’s interest in growing their own food at home.

The financial and health benefits are clear, but making full use of their outdoor space as a whole is also motivating people to continue their journey to self sufficiency. Many people who once ignored their gardens completely are now revelling in a new found love for the outdoors. Taking advantage of our four seasons, people are exploring the possibilities of home grown cooking and reaping the benefits, including:

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The Health Benefits of Homegrown Food

Cooking up new recipes with home grown fruit and vegetables is much more than a fun hobby. It has health benefits! Supermarkets are very convenient for our modern lifestyles, but we pay the price for that ease in other ways. By returning to growing our own food, we benefit from:

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Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Cooking with Homegrown Food

Discovering dishes from around the world and preparing them with your own produce offers benefits beyond nutritional advantages. The process of cooking and gardening provide health benefits all of their own, including:

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Using a Summer House to Advance Your Home Garden

There are many ways you can set up a home garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables, and many of them are easy and affordable.

Using a summer house to start your growing journey helps you to:

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How to Maximise Your Summer House For a Great Garden Yield

Using a summer house for a great garden yield is a new idea to many folks. Often people think of a summer house as the place you might put your garden chairs while they gather dust and wait for good weather. But a summer house has so much more potential for your garden, especially for growing food.

When you take the plunge and decide to start your summer house gardening journey, there are a few things that can help improve your chances for success. Consider using some of the following tips to speed up your progress and avoid some common pitfalls.

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Home Growing Challenges

Starting to grow delicious fruits and vegetables at home can pose some initial obstacles. The key to gardening success is often finding your can-do attitude. Learning how other people are getting around their challenges makes a big difference and finding a community can be very valuable. Here are some of the most common obstacles to home growing success and how people make it work:

Space considerations

For gardens with a small growing area or a lack of sunlight, growing food can be more tricky, but not impossible. Sometimes we simply need to change perspective. By using a summer house, shed, or greenhouse in a strategic spot in your small space, you can maximise the light and heat in your space to create a growing environment.

Initial investment

Although home growing can save us a lot of money over a lifetime, there is some initial investment to get started. The good news about gardening is you can start as small as you wish. Just a few herbs on a windowsill, a single barrel of potatoes, or a pot of juicy tomatoes can slowly build up into a full, productive garden.

Limited time

When you are working a full week and raising a family, finding the time to garden might sound nice, but feel impossible. The key to success in this area is building a garden that fits your lifestyle. If you have limited time, start with some fruit or veg that takes very little maintenance to begin. You can also consider starting a joint project with a neighbour or friend.

Overcoming Summer House Issues

No new journey is without its potential pitfalls and gardening with the help of a summer house is no different. Fortunately, many of the most common problems people experience can be prevented with simple, regular maintenance, including:

Avoiding Condensation Trouble

As seasons change, summer house maintenance needs change. The same is true of our homes. Just like your house, your summer house needs good airflow all year round to prevent mould, mildew, and odours from building up. Simple steps, such as opening the doors and allowing fresh air to circulate can keep it smelling fresh, looking clean, and prevent problems.

Structural Problem Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It may have been your grandma’s favourite saying, but there is so much truth in this old wisdom. Many expensive or time consuming summer house repairs are due to a lack of regular maintenance. By checking your summer house frequently for cracks, holes, and other small issues, you can avoid mega tasks due to rot or structural problems.

Regular Wood Treating

Even your summer house deserves a facial every now and then. By treating it with wood oils, stains, or moisture repellants, it becomes less prone to damage and keeps its beautiful style for years to come.

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Finding the Perfect Summer House

Budding gardeners have a huge variety of beautiful, strong summer houses to choose from. It can be tricky to know where to start. Consider some of these factors as you narrow down the perfect option for your garden:

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In Conclusion

From grocery backup plans for tough times, to the passion ignited when cooking with your own produce, a garden summer house can help your dream come to life. Serving as a growing space, a storage space, and a spot to relax throughout the seasons, more and more people are discovering its benefits.

Whatever the size of your space, or your garden goals, Garden Buildings Direct can help you start your journey. The sooner you start growing, the sooner you can enjoy the delicious fruits of your labour!

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