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The Best Sheds for Small Gardens: Explained & Reviewed




The Best Sheds for Small Gardens: Explained & Reviewed

Written by Garden Buildings Direct
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Sheds are a garden essential for those who are keen gardeners as well as those who often find themselves fixing things. They’ve even great if you’re just looking for a place to store garden furniture in the colder months. 

Although not everybody has space for a big garden shed in their garden. In the UK, gardens can vary in size, with a lot of houses having limited space. That’s why we’re bringing you a guide to the best sheds for small gardens. 

A shed can transform your garden, helping you to get organised and making your space look more aesthetically pleasing. 

Even with smaller sheds, there are different types of materials to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a metal, wooden or plastic shed, we’ve got the guide to help you make the best decision for your small garden. 

Discover The Different Types of Small Sheds. 

To start things off, we’ve compiled a list of the different styles of small sheds. And with so many interesting options to choose from for a small shed, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Pent shed

A pent shed has a single sloping roof with the highest point of the shed is located on the same side as the door. These sheds can be compact and make a great choice for a smaller garden. You can get a pent shed or a reverse pent shed depending on the design you prefer.

Wooden Pent Shed

A great choice of a wooden pent shed is our BillyOh Switch Overlap Pent Shed, this shed is an ideal choice for small gardens as it can easily be customised ready for your needs. It features a heavy-duty build and is durable to help with surviving ever-changing British Weather.

Lotus Low Pent 6′x4′ Metal Shed
(Lotus Low Pent)

Metal Pent Shed 

Pent sheds also come in a range of other materials including metal. Metal pent sheds provide you with an extra layer of security, as well a strongly reinforced interior and, often, double doors for easy access. 

BillyOh Storer Tongue and Groove Apex Shed
(BillyOh Storer)

Apex shed

An apex shed has two sloping sides that meet in the middle. They’re equal in size and reach from the apex to the eaves of each side wall, usually with a slight overhang. 

If you’re looking for a reverse apex shed – the design is similar, however, it’s reversed, meaning the panels sit the other way. They face to the front and back of the shed rather than the sides, as with a standard apex design.

Potting shed

If you’re looking to make the most of your small garden, why not consider a potting shed? It’s a great place for you to grow vegetables and potted plants, it also offers you the space to store your gardening supplies. Potting sheds are usually made featuring a thin piece of plastic or glass to allow the heat to travel through, similar to a greenhouse. 

A potting shed will provide all year-round growing opportunities as it is great for protecting against the cold in winter and the harsh sun in the summer months. 

BillyOh Mini Keeper Overlap Pent Store Shed
(BillyOh Mini Keeper Overlap)

Overlap sheds

Another favourite here at Garden Buildings Direct is an overlap shed. Overlap sheds are ideal for those looking to get a shed on a budget. These are usually the cheapest model of shed but are still of the highest quality. Plus, overlap sheds are easily fitted with a heavy-duty lock, therefore you can be sure all of your belongings are kept safe. 

Construction Material 

When it comes to constructing a shed, it’s important to consider the material you’re looking for. The most common materials used in building sheds are plastic, metal and wood. All of which have their benefits, and the best material depends a lot on what you’re looking to use the shed for. 

If you’re looking to keep personal belongings of value in a shed, a metal shed should be considered. Whereas if it’s for growing, wood is often a great choice. Here’s a rundown of the materials you can purchase sheds in, and how they can benefit you. 

Wooden sheds

Wooden sheds provide that classic feel when you think of a shed. They’re durable and look nice in any garden. You can expect a long life for this shed as long as it’s treated correctly. Keeping on top of wooden shed maintenance is important as it stops your shed from rotting. Or, simply opt for pressure treatment upon purchase. 

Metal sheds 

A metal shed is a great option if you plan on using it for storage. It’s also a great option for longevity as it won’t rot. Although it may rust over time, you can prevent this easier with a protective coat. That’s why, at Garden Buildings Direct, we make our metal sheds from rust-resistant galvanised steel.

You will need ventilation in the shed regularly to avoid a build-up of condensation

Plastic sheds 

The final shed material is plastic. Although they’re often not viewed as in the same league as the other two, plastic sheds are: 

  • easy to assemble
  • cheap
  • virtually maintenance-free. 

Just note, plastic sheds aren’t ideal for growing fruit and vegetables as it’s harder to control the interior temperature.

Best Sheds For Small Gardens:

Whether you’re looking for a shed made out of plastic, wood or metal, we’ve compiled a list of the best small sheds made from different materials. 

BillyOh Tongue and Groove Sentry Box Petite
(BillyOh Tongue and Groove Sentry Box Petite)

Best Small Wooden Shed: BillyOh Tongue and Groove Sentry Box Petite 

This small wooden shed from BillyOh is filled to the brim with amazing features, making it our number one pick for a small wooden shed. 

The Tongue and Groove Sentry shed is perfect for storage, with shelves included. With the durable boards and tongue and groove construction, it creates a tight seal protecting the contents inside against water ingress. 

As this BillyOh design doesn’t have any windows, it keeps your belongings safe, secure and out of sight. 

With an apex roof and felt included as standard you can expect a high-quality shed which is made to last. 


  • Budget-friendly option 
  • Designed to fit into smaller spaces 
  • 10-year anti-rot guarantee 
  • Built-in shelves 
  • Quick and easy to apply green mineral felt included

Runner up for best small wooden shed

BillyOh Wooden Master Tall Store
(BillyOh Wooden Master Tall Store)

BillyOh Wooden Master Tall Store

The runner-up pick for the best small wooden shed is another BillyOh option. However, this time it’s the Master Tall Store. 

Built from high-quality European-sourced timber to create a robust shed, you can expect the durable tongue and groove boards to create a tight seal. 

With the Master Tall Store, you’re provided with ample headspace for a crouch-free design. You’re also provided with a wide door for ease of access when removing tools.


  • Apex roof style for extra head height
  • Windowless design for security
  • Wide door for easy access
  • Comes with T&G floor and roof as standard
  • The roof style provides drainage to avoid any water build-up

Best Small Plastic Shed

Although you may not think it, plastic shed options are some of the studier shed types on the market. As they’re not prone to rotting or rusting, you can expect a lot of years of use with your plastic shed.

BillyOh EverMore Apex Plastic Shed
(BillyOh EverMore Apex Plastic Shed)

BillyOh EverMore Apex Plastic Shed

The EverMore Apex shed is a great storage solution for any garden. As this shed is made of plastic, it’s highly durable, strong and made for security.

With this shed being made from vinyl panels, it’s also wind-resistant and fire-retardant. This plastic shed comes with a floor included which means there’s no need for an additional foundation to be built. 

The EverMore design has in-built ventilation which is ideal for preventing condensation and keeping cool. 

You can expect your belongings to be safe in this shed with lockable doors that have a padlock eye ready for a heavy-duty padlock. 

The shed also looks modern on the outside, making it more aesthetically pleasing than your everyday plastic shed. The inside features a made from a strong metal structure, providing a high-quality framework.


  • Next-to-no maintenance
  • Lockable doors 
  • Ventilation
  • Pre-assembled panels for quick installation
  • Durable against all-weather types  

Runner up for best small plastic shed

BillyOh Kingston Apex Plastic Shed
(BillyOh Kingston Apex Plastic Shed)

BillyOh Kingston Apex Plastic Shed

The runner-up for the best small plastic shed is the BillyOh Kingston Apex Plastic Shed, another great plastic shed made to last. 

This plastic shed has a small window to allow natural light into the shed. You can expect the moisture levels to be low in the shed, meaning it’s great for keeping garden furniture and tools out of the damp. 

The Kingston Plastic shed has a solid floor included which removes the need for building a foundation. This makes this shed quick and easy to put together whilst still providing everything you need. 


  • Durable plastic panels
  • Lockable door for keeping your possessions safe
  • Air ducts to circulate air keeping the moisture levels low 
  • Metal framing for extra protection 

Best Small Metal Sheds

Lotus Pent Metal Shed
(Lotus Pent Metal Shed)

Lotus Pent Metal Shed

The Lotus Pent Metal Shed is manufactured from high tensile, hot-dipped galvanised steel, meaning you can expect the best. With a 15-year warranty, you can expect great things from this small shed. This Lotus model is one of the highest spec lightweight metal sheds on offer. 

With such high-quality materials, this shed is made to be rust-resistant and durable even in strong weather conditions. 

This small shed has a pent roof which is a huge style factor but also serves a practical use too, allowing water to properly drain off the roof. You won’t have to worry about the rain or snow entering your shed. The Lotus shed is simple to construct with an easy-to-follow user guide making it easier than ever to put together. 

One of the most unique features of this small shed is that it has a door glide and track layout meaning you can glide the doors across to enter or retrieve items.


  • Long warranty
  • Windowless for security
  • Pent roof for design and practicality
  • Glide and track door 

Runner up for best small metal shed

Sapphire Apex Metal Shed
(Sapphire Apex Metal Shed)

Sapphire Apex Metal Shed

The runner-up for the best small metal shed is the Sapphire Apex, a budget-friendly option with a grooved wall design for extra strength. 

You will find this shed has a gable roof design with 2 air vents to keep air circulating in your shed. It also has a sliding door to save on space, meaning you can use every inch of the space inside of your shed. 

This shed is windowless with a lockable door handle so you can feel secure with leaving your belongings inside. 

One of the key features of the Sapphire Apex Shed is that it is fully weatherproof, as it’s made from galvanised rust-resistant metal.


  • Super-easy assembly with parts having predrilled holes 
  • Ridged reinforced walls for being extra robust
  • Safe and secure design 
  • Gable roof which provides excellent drainage
  • Ventilation to prevent buildups of moisture

Best Small Potting Shed 

BillyOh Planthouse Tongue and Groove Pent Potting Shed
(BillyOh Planthouse Tongue and Groove Pent Potting Shed)

BillyOh Planthouse Tongue and Groove Pent Potting Shed 

If you’re looking for a small potting shed, you’ve come to the right place. With the wooden BillyOh planthouse Tongue and Groove Potting Shed, you get a combination of shed and greenhouse in one. 

With heavy-duty framing, you can expect the best quality for your potting shed. This BillyOh design is also pressure treated to prevent the risk of decay and rot for years to come.   

This potting shed comes with two tiers of windows and interior shelves, providing places for your plants whilst also offering ample storage space. 

The Plathouse potting shed has a layer of green mineral felt, which protects your building’s roof against harsh weather conditions. 


  • Two-tier windows and shelving perfect for growing fruit and vegetables year-round
  • Pressure-treated to protect against rot 
  • Shatterproof window glazing 
  • Reversible door design

Best Small Bike Shed

BillyOh Mini Expert Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed
(BillyOh Mini Expert Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed)

BillyOh Mini Expert Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed

If you’re looking for a small shed specifically for bike storage, then this mini BillyOh shed is the perfect option for you. The Mini Expert is perfect for storing 2 adult bikes or 3 kids’ bikes. 

Not only is this small shed heavy-duty, but it also has a unique shape making it ideal to have down the side of your house. 

This bike shed comes with options for a single or dual entrance, making it easier to get your bike in and out of the shed. You can choose whether your bike shed has a pent or a lean-to-style roof too, both of which are ideal for all weather conditions. 

You can expect tall bike storage with the Mini Expert as it has an internal storage height of 1.3m at its lowest point. Designed to fit most adult bikes, including mountain and electric push bikes. 


  • 10-year anti-rot guarantee 
  • Compact but fits multiple bikes in
  • Unique style perfect for against your house, making it great for small gardens
  • Adaptable roof style 


Whether you’re looking for an upgrade on your existing shed or you’re buying a shed for the first time, we hope this guide has been helpful. 

All the sheds on this list are great options and most of them come in numerous colours and sizes to help you find the perfect shed that you will love for years to come. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a metal, plastic or wood shed, Garden Buildings Direct can provide you with your dream shed.

With budget-friendly options, you can be sure to find the perfect shed for your needs at a lower price without compromising on quality. 

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