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Metal Sheds Buying Guide




Metal Sheds Buying Guide

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Metal Sheds Buying Guide

Metal sheds within a garden give an air of permanence and quality that perhaps might not be there if you chose a standard wooden shed. If you have already decided that a metal shed is what you want in your garden then you have to ensure that you buy one that:

  • Will look good in your garden.
  • Won’t be overpriced.
  • Will keep your belongings secure.
  • Will need minimum maintenance.

There are so many variations when you actually search for a suitable shed that you can quickly become swamped by the different types. Sort out the metal sheds worth buying by clearly and logically whittling away at those that don’t suit your requirements until you are left with the ideal metal shed.

What advantages do metal sheds have?

You have already decided to buy a metal shed but before we go too far down that path it is worth mentioning the other materials just in case you haven’t actually fully decided.

Sheds can be built in metal, wood, plastic or masonry.

  • PlasticLet’s rule out masonry right away because it is a hassle to build, needs proper foundations, is a permanent building so you cannot take it with you if you move house and it will need a solid concrete floor.
  • Plastic sheds can go as well because they are easily broken into, are more lightweight than metal so can be damaged by extreme weather, are made from flammable materials. Conversely, they won’t need any maintenance and come with their own floor.
  • Wooden sheds look really nice in a garden but they need lots of maintenance to keep looking good. They are made from flammable materials and are easily broken into. Conversely, they are lightweight enough to dismantle and move, should you decide to sell up and move on.
  • Security – As many metals sheds are windowless models, they have fewer points of access and are harder to get into than wooden onesalternatives.

Metal sheds are waterproof, fireproof, heavyweight enough to withstand extreme weather, do not rot, are difficult to break into, are easily erected and dismantled and need very little maintenance because they usually come with a pre-painted plastic coating. They can also easily be drilled into for mounting things like TV brackets if you’re creating a man cave!

How large should it be?

You probably already have an idea of where in your garden you intend to keep the shed. If so then you will know the area you want to cover. Add these measurements to your list and think of a rough estimate of the height required too.


They are two common types of construction that will determine what the metal shed looks like.

  • Vertical panels. The walls of the shed are made from panels whose profiles run vertically from roof to base. This type lends great strength to the walls which are basically made from a series of ‘corner braces’.
  • Horizontal panels. These sheds are made from panels fitted horizontally just like a typical wooden shed. The horizontal shiplap has the advantage of an overlap shedding rain which might otherwise find its way inside. This type often has a wood effect embossed onto the surface plastic to give the impression of real wood

Both these types give a superb performance and it really boils down to which one you prefer. You might already have a fence or other structure in the garden that has either vertical or horizontal panels. If so choose the shed type that matches your existing pattern. Too many different patterns in a garden can give the impression of a haphazard area that has no particular plan.

Another thing that affects the appearance is the type of roof fitted to the shed. There are basically two types of simple roof, they both have advantages and disadvantages and you must choose which one is the best for you.

  • Apex roof. These are made from two sloping panels that join in the middle of the roof at an apex and slope to two opposite walls to allow rain to run off. There will be two opposite gabled ends that provide the apex and the door will be fitted into one of these. These tend to have more headroom inside than a pent roof does.
  • Pent roof. This type has one sloping panel with the lower end towards the rear of the shed. This allows rainwater to run off at the opposite side to the door. These often suffer from a lack of headroom.

What will it store?

Why do you need a shed? If all you want to store is a few garden hand tools then a small cheap shed will be ample for your needs. If however, you need to store a motor lawn mower, bicycles, power tools etc then something larger, more solid and harder to break into is needed.

To finish

Bearing all these aspects in mind, make a list of exactly what you want, get two or three quotes from various retail outlets and buy the best metal shed that you can afford.

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