Wooden Garage Maintenance – 7 Ways to Care For Your Wooden Garage

Wooden garages are known for their versatility, accessibility, eco-friendly nature, and low maintenance qualities. Unlike their concrete and metal counterparts, timber garages don’t require as many building materials or as much manpower to construct. While they’re easy to maintain, wooden garage maintenance is still vital to prevent the wood from decaying prematurely, keeping your outdoor building in great shape for as long as possible.

If you’re looking for ways to properly take care of your wooden garage, then look no further! This wooden garage guide will provide you with some helpful wooden garage maintenance tips. 

Let’s get started!

Wooden Garage Maintenance

Harmful UV radiation, water damage, air infiltration, rodents and insect intrusion are some of your wooden garage’s biggest enemies. To protect your building from damage while maintaining its brilliantly modern aesthetic, wooden garage maintenance is crucial.

wooden garage maintenance
Aston Wooden Garage

Helpful Care Tips

1. Routine Check

Make it a habit to regularly check your wooden garage. It doesn’t have to be thorough. Rather, you just need to make sure that everything’s working correctly and as it should be place, such as the doors, windows, and ceiling (when looking for cracks). 

You might find this job a little tedious, but it’s a crucial part of wooden garage maintenance, and the result will definitely be worth it – helping to guarantee your wooden garage a long life span. Also, don’t forget to check the logs for insects, sealant, and stains. You want to maintain the look of your timber garage as good as new, remember?

If you don’t have the time to regularly check out your garage, then a high-quality wooden garage, such as our Aston Wooden Garage, will help with this. Pressure-treated timber ensures a garden building which will last for years to come, whilst having increased weather-resistance, as well as a diminished chance of suffering from rot or mould.

2. Annual Wash Maintenance

This procedure is a great way to remove any unsavoury surface contaminants, such as bird droppings, pollen, dust, and insects that will wear the finish prematurely. Not only that, but washing the surface of your timber garage will also help you detect any areas in need of care.

When the building has completely dried after the wash, this will give you the best idea of which areas or walls need care the most.

wooden garage maintenance
Aston Wooden Garage

3. Cleaning the Wall

Just like any other garden buildings, it’s a good idea to clean your wooden garage regularly. When it comes to cleaning the walls, you’ll want to make sure that the nooks and crevices are not being overlooked, as they’re that often need the most attention.

In addition, spots which are difficult to get to tend to collect the most dust over time, so they should be well wiped.

4. Repair Minor and Major Defects

When you spot any minor or major defects in your timber garage, it’s crucial to take action immediately and get them repaired as soon as possible to avoid the condition getting worse. If it’s something you can’t do on your own, we suggest hiring the services of experts to repair the issue with your wooden garage. 

Cracks and dark patches are one of the common problems for wooden logs. If you’re having any issues with cracking, you can seal them with sealants. On the other hand, dark patches are caused by mould due to rain splatter. The good thing is, you can easily clean them with water mixed with a bleach solution, using a brush.

wooden garage maintenance
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5. Doors and Windows

There’s no doubt that timber is one of the most attractive materials when it comes to garage doors. But with that beauty comes an additional amount of upkeep.

Doors and windows are essential parts of wooden garages that need to be checked to ensure they’re flush with the rest of the building. Keep in mind that when windows and doors do not close properly, they may require some reworking or replacement.

Wooden Garage Door Maintenance Checklist:

  • Check the bottom of your door, including its trim work. Prod the areas with a long-handled screwdriver.
  • Look for pests.
  • Removed filling and chipped finishes.
  • Apply a new coat of paint to keep it looking its best.
  • Check the seals. Make sure they’re not worn out or undersized.

6. Check for Any Leaks, Especially on the Ceiling or Roof

Whether it’s a wooden structure, concrete or metal, leaks are not a good sign. Leaks can cause mould growth in wooden garages. Whereas in metal ones, it can cause rust. 

Moreover, leaks are not suitable for the overall stability of your timber garage. So be sure to check for any sign of leaks, especially on the ceiling or roof!

wooden garage maintenance
Aston Wooden Garage

7. Make Sure There Is No Contact With Your Building

Bear in mind that any hedge growth or overhanging trees can pose a threat to your wooden garage. If a tree branch is in contact with your garage, it’s best to cut it back, to avoid any branches brushing up against and damaging your timber garage as a result.

Ensure that there are no trees in close proximity, especially if you live in a windy area. This is to prevent any branches from falling straight onto your building, causing damage to the overall structure (including your car).

Care For Your Wooden Garage Today

We hope these simple ways of taking care of your wooden garage will help preserve the beauty of your building, as well as its longevity and durability, keeping your vehicles and other belongings safe and sound.