Women Are Demanding Entry Into Men’s Sheds
Women are demanding entry into men’s sheds
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Women are demanding entry into men’s sheds

Hundreds of years ago, people built caves. But when garden sheds were invented, then came the man caves. This kind of shed can act as a dedicated space for men to work on DIY projects whilst talking openly about their lives.

But after years of keeping them out, the ladies are now demanding entry.

What Is A She Shed?

What once was a place exclusively for the gentlemen, whether it be as a pub shed, sport watching den or gaming area, is now a place for women too.

The situation may seem complicated. But a garden shed doesn’t have to simply be the ultimate DIY workspace or a man cave. Nowadays, outdoor garden buildings are often being transformed into she sheds.

She sheds are a place where women can let their hair down and relax for a while. This could be a sanctuary hidden away at the bottom of your garden to hide away from all of the household drama. Or maybe a quiet place to go about the hobbies you love. Your she shed could even be a place where you are able to snuggle up and get lost in a good book or magazine. Or, how about

A cosy retreat at the bottom of the garden

She Shed Decorating Ideas

More and more women are creating their own personal space where they can escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. Besides, with so many options available when it comes to garden sheds, it is hardly surprising that women are beginning to taking a fancy to have one of their own.

Unlike what others may think, a she shed doesn’t necessarily have to be a place filled with girly and pink stuff. In fact, most she sheds can be made to look like a place where there’s not much going on. Just a few decors, a comfortable couch, and probably a few bottles of wine.

She sheds can take you into a new world where you quietly have time for yourself and clear your minds.

Remember that there are no rules when it comes to designing your own personal space. However, the first thing you need to consider is the type of garden shed you need. Think of what suits your needs and your taste.

The BillyOh Metro Log Cabin

Take our new Metro Log Cabin for example. An outdoor garden building purposefully designed to suit a multitude of needs. You could easily turn this high-quality log cabin into a home gym, home cinema, entertainment room or simply an outdoor storage room.

Fill out this log cabin with all your favourite things and turn your imagination into reality! Whether you want it to look rusty, shabby-chic, or modern, the BillyOh Metro Log Cabin will surely be a perfect fit.

The BillyOh Metro Log Cabin

Sometimes there are women who think it’s not fair women should be excluded from these facilities. However, having both a man cave and she said is not always an option. Therefore why not consider compromising to having a shared garden outdoor building. A place where both parties are able to enjoy and unwind in their spare time.

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