The Winter Gardening Dos And Don'ts You Need To Know
The Winter Gardening Dos And Don’ts You Need To Know

The Winter Gardening Dos And Don’ts You Need To Know

As a gardener, you may be thinking and wondering, perhaps even worrying about how will your ornamental plants survive the wild temperature swings and hard freezes. The time for winter gardening is here and with it, the dos and don’ts you need to remember.

Did you know that during the warm winter temperatures, the growth and flowering of a plant induces? Whilst the growth rate and race to a flower slows down when the cool temperature, winter time, stricken.

So, how can you protect your plants during the winter time? Worry not as we here at Garden Buildings Direct have provided you with the do’s and don’t that you need to remember so you can protect your plants at all costs.

Here Are the Winter Gardening Dos and Don'ts You Must Remember

Winter Gardening Dos

  • As long as the ground is soft enough to dig a hole, then it’s okay to continue planting.
  • To keep your plant’s root temperature stable, treat or cover it with mulch.
  • Protect your plants by covering them with frost cloth or any blanket that has heat retention materials.
  • Keep track of everything. Winter months is an excellent time to observe your garden and prepare for the year ahead. Create a journal of what grows in your garden and make a detailed inventory of the plants. Record the location, source, age, bloom time, past performance, pest problems and the solutions for each. In this way, you can avoid any problems for the next growing season.
  • Of course, don’t forget to water them. Did you know that watering in advance can help your potted and annual plants survive the hard freeze? So make sure not only to hydrate the roots, but also the aboveground shoots.

Winter Gardening Don’ts

  • Do not skip your regular watering cycle! A deep watering once a week is indeed beneficial for your plants, especially for your new plantings. Remember that when the ground isn’t covered with snow a.k.a frozen, make sure to give your plants a deep watering.
  • Winter time is the time for your garden/ornamental plants take a rest and go dormant. One of the don’ts that you have to remember is to not force them to start new growth by adding fertilizers on their soil before the ground gets warm in the spring. This might kill tender new growth due to the hard freeze and the temperatures below freezing.
  • Don’t use plastic in covering plants that have buds and open flowers. This can create an oven effect when the sun directly shines upon the plants. Instead, use old sheets or commercially available frost cover.
  • Avoid spraying pesticides on your plants during winter. It’s unnecessary as since most pests and bugs hibernate during this time of the year.
  • Do not worry about the bulb foliage. When the temperature dips, the leaves of daffodils and other spring-flowering bulbs should be fine.
  • Don’t try to remove any ice or snow stuck onto your outdoor plants as it might damage them. Instead, let it melt off on its own.

We truly hope these winter gardening do’s and don’ts will help you protect your plants in your garden this winter time.

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