Underrated Gardening Tools You Never Thought You Needed
Underrated Gardening Tools You Never Thought You Needed
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Underrated Gardening Tools You Never Thought You Needed

With the constant advancement in technology, many gardeners think that every task is best completed with high-end and automated tools. There are even green-fingered Brits that rely on them so much without realising that there is so much potential in cost-savings and efficiency by using traditional gardening equipment.

So, before you splash out on tech-savvy toys to care for your yard, our garden experts here at Garden Buildings Direct want to stress the efficiency of some classic instruments we often overlook in the dirty work of landscaping and gardening.

6 Essential Yet Underrated Gardening Tools

While it’s good to invest in advanced equipment, it is not always necessary. We should all remember that gardens were being pruned long before technology automated various tasks at home or in the yard.

It will be a great idea to search through your garden shed for some good old gardening tools. Since they can still serve a variety of purposes, you might even save a penny or two in buying new equipment.

For added savings you can even use some household items can also be used in your yard.

1. Gloves


Many landscapers overlook this tool, especially when believing that a pair is enough for all the dirty work. But, if you are an amateur gardener who’s still in the process of investing in your equipment, two is the standard number of pairs.

Use a lighter design for basic maintenance while a more heavy-duty pair for complex activities. It will increase the life of both of your pairs too, instead of repeatedly availing a new one.

2. Secateurs


Since it is one of the most delicate tasks in the garden, pruning is best done by hand. Secateurs were created for such a job and buying a good pair that can last even a lifetime is a worthwhile investment.

When you prune your plants manually, you have the benefit to select which approach to apply on different plants, achieving a top tier lawn in the process.

3. Dibber


Due to its simplicity, the dibber tool is often underrated. It is a pen-like wooden, metal, or plastic instrument used to poke small holes into the ground where you sow seeds.

You can also use the dibber to firm in a seedling or put stem or root cuttings deep down the soil. This tool that can come in a variety of sizes makes the laborious task of digging easy, quick and precise.

4. Shovel


This tool is useful in the majority of gardening tasks — making it the instrument that has to be in every gardener’s toolbox. It comes in two variations: the flat heat shovel and the spade.

5. Soil


Though not technically a tool, the success of a garden generally relies on good quality soil. What a lot of novice gardeners fail to realise is that prioritising your soil’s fertility and drainage can bloom the garden well instead of focusing on setup and type of plants.

To test the level of nutrients in your soil, avail some simple testing kits from garden centres, and apply necessary remedies to revitalise and maintain it.

6. Billhook


Created with the combined versatility of an axe and the portability of a knife, gardeners often overlook the billhook’s potential. It is a lightweight tool with a sharp but durable blade used to aid heavy cutting with incredible precision.

This tool is perfect for hedge trimming as well as in dealing with unwanted vines or strong roots.

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