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What Tree is It?

What Tree is It?

Derrière un sapin


Identify by Leaf

  • Tree Guide by Leaf – Whether you need information on scale-like leaves or needle-like leaves, this guide will have you identifying trees in no time.
  • Tree Leaf Key – Broken down by type of leaf, this guide features an easy to read key with pictures for easy identification.
  • Tree Identification Guide – Not only does this tree identification guide break down the tress by leafs, but you can also search by location specific trees. Choose a tree identification guide from the Eastern, Central and Western United States.
  • Tree Identification and Leaf Key – Choose the plant by the images that are most similar. Extremely easy to use.
  • Leaf Guide – Starting with 6 simple categories to choose from, each step gets more in depth. It’s easy to narrow down the specific tree you are looking for with the descriptive notes and choices.
  • Tree Identification by Leaf Quiz – Simply check the boxes that apply to your mystery tree, and you will have your answer in no time.

Identify by Fruit

  • Tree Identification by Fruit – Does your mystery tree produce fruit? Make it easy to identify it’s name by selecting the specific fruit it produces.
  • Identifying Tree – An in depth article that describes prominent characteristics of trees. Identify your tree by the detailed descriptions, including what fruit the tree may produce.
  • Fruit Identification – Before you can identify the tree, you must identify the fruit it produces. With these detailed descriptions, it shouldn’t be hard to pin point what exact fruit your tree carries in it’s branches.
  • What Tree is That? – The Arbor Day Foundation has published an online tree identification guide. Choose from a variety of distinguishing categories for tree classification, including fruit produced. (This page requires Adobe Flash for identification.)
  • Fruit Tree Identification – While some trees produce edible fruit, there are other trees that only produce flowers and flower blossoms. Discover the different kinds of fruit trees can produce.

Identify by Name

  • Identify Tree by Common Name – Click on the common name of a tree to reveal detailed information about the characteristics. The description of the tree includes pictures, average size, type of leaves and fruit and common uses.
  • Scientific Name of Tree – While every tree has a common name the general public knows it by, there are scientific names the trees actually go by. Learn the scientific name of trees, in addition to finding out what it’s common name counter part is. Click on the tree name to find out more information about the tree.
  • Common Tree Name Search – Interested in learning what the scientific name of a tree is for research purposes? Simply enter the common name of a tree and find out the scientific name in addition to related species of that tree.
  • Tree Fact Sheet – With over 680 trees listed in this database, you are sure to find the information you are looking for. Arranged alphabetically, you can search for the tree by either it’s scientific name or common name.

Interested in learning more about trees? The organizations below make it their mission to educate and protect trees and forests:

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