How to Transform a Boring Playhouse Into A Kid's Wonderland
How to Transform a Boring Playhouse Into A Kid’s Wonderland
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How to Transform a Boring Playhouse Into A Kid’s Wonderland

Many kids love spending time, running around and bringing toys to their playhouse, especially at the time it was installed at the backyard. It’s almost like they treat the playhouse like their own home until things get too boring and monotonous for their tastes.

Good news: You don’t need to buy them a new one! Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint to bring back the excitement and make your child’s playhouse more fun and functional.

Transforming a Playhouse

Children deserve an adequate amount of unsupervised play outdoors. Building a playhouse is one of the best techniques to provide it to them at the comfort of your own yard.

But while renovating a child’s playspace may look like an easy task, you either make it or break it. From flooring to ceiling and walls to lighting, here are some great steps you can follow to make sure you won’t go wrong!

1. Scrape and Paint


Colour is an essential factor in making a playhouse look more attractive. After making sure that the entire set is all cleaned up, prepare for the paint.

If you have settled with a wooden playhouse’s original surface before, you can now paint its exterior with a colour that’s included on your palette. You can choose more than one colour for the design you want to achieve.

2. Take Advantage of Existing Architecture


In transforming a playhouse, you have to make it nearly unrecognizable from how it looks before. However, you can take advantage of a model’s pre-existing architecture.

For example, if you have bought a wooden playhouse with a bunk bed, slide, good window design and a picket fence, take advantage of them. You either add a beautiful curtain, put up some beadboard sheets and wallpaper or design the bunk bed with colour and accessories.

3. Add Style on the Ceiling


Just because a playhouse is made for kids does not mean all of its design features should be 100% juvenile. You can add stylish fixtures on the ceiling to add a classy aspect on the interior design.

A minimalist chandelier would make a significant difference.

4. Consider a Book Shelf


Kids do not only learn within their academic sessions. Incorporating educational materials such as books in a playhouse will encourage them to learn while having fun.

Plus, adding a bookshelf in a playhouse would complement its excellent interior design. It can also hold some of the kids’ stuff toys and educational playsets.

5. Add a Reading Nook


After the shelf, give your kids the space to do the reading. Install a simple nook where they can relax and read after an active play. For this, you can either build or buy one. There are various benches from retail stores that you can place inside the playhouse.

Don’t forget the cushion and some pillows which ideally should be made of stain-and water-resistant fabric.

6. Choose Durable, Affordable Flooring


Playhouses are made for playing, and that surely includes some mess. Splurging on fancy flooring is not an ideal thing to make merely for the sake of design.

Instead, you can play with the basics that are easy to clean, such as vinyl sheets with beautiful graphic patterns.

7. Put Up a Crafting Spot


Aside from reading, kids love crafting — using their imagination to create different things. For a playhouse to be more exciting, you should provide the kids with a designated area to do so.

Round tables will be a great pick if you hate the corners where kids sometimes bump at. You can also repurpose an old coffee table into a kid-sized workstation. Make sure to stick with a table no taller than 19 inches.

8. Use Stackable Chairs to Save Space


There will always be a time when you will invite other kids such as friends and relatives to come by and play with your little one. If you want to place numerous chairs, make sure they are stackable.

You can always set them all aside when not in use.

9. Feature Budding Artists’ Work


For sure, you are also considering to hang up some framed arts on the playhouse’s wall. Well, wouldn’t it be a great idea to inspire a child with their work?

Keep your kids’ school art projects and edit them to a grouping that works together. You can then frame the pieces with coordinating hues to be displayed on the playhouse’s walls.

Adding their artwork would also personalise the space and make it feel truly their own!


These are quite simple but great steps to follow if you want your child to see the playhouse as a wonderland again. However, if you find the effort of renovating too great due to the extent of the damage and deterioration, Garden Buildings Direct can offer you a ton of choices that are affordable but highly durable.

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