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Tips on Organizing your Garden Shed

Tips on Organizing your Garden Shed



Don’t we all hate it when we need to clean up our garden sheds stockpiled with garbage and mess? Well, organising our shed may seem like a daunting task for most, but the truth is that it does not have to be difficult or expensive. In fact it can be a fun experience! You ask how? Read on.

Many people get frustrated when looking at their unorganised garden shed. It is very important that you keep the space clean so that all of your items are easy to find.

There are many things you may do to keep your storage space organised. The following are some DIY projects, tips, and projects you can use to take care of your space. No more need to weep over the mundane task of organising your shed!

 1. Add Cabinets

Cabinets are not very difficult to install and they will drastically improve your storage capacity for tools whilst keeping them organised. You can purchase cabinets that are already built or you can build them yourself.

All you need to do is hang them or place them on the ground, and they will keep things neat and tidy depending on the size of the cabinet. You may even be able to store everything away which will make your shed look absolutely clean.

 2. Build a Small Closet

You can build a small closet within one weekend’s time and you will be able to keep all your tools inside. This is very similar to the cabinets but with style.

 3. Build a Peg Rail Organiser

Peg rail organisers are simple pegs added to your wall or boards where you will be able to hang your tools. This is a great way to get the shed looking organised whilst having a neat assortment of tools being readily available on your wall. Different levels, higher and lower, can be added for the different sizes of your items. Pegs are very inexpensive and all you need to do is place them on your wall.

 4. Colour your Floors

Adding colour to your floors will add a very positive visual enhancement whilst being inside your shed. You will be able to add life to the shed whilst making it look more clean and organised. All you need to do is pick a colour for your floor, remove everything, and stain it. Just remember to clean the floor before you start.

 5. Enhancing your Garden Shed Doors

Adding a little style to your door will automatically lift its visual appeal. You may be able to go for a carriage house door look without punching a hole in your pocket.

There are many available home improvement kits made for transforming garden shed doors. All you need to do is purchase a kit from a local home improvement store.

 6. Magnetic Strip Organiser

This is a very unique way to organise your metal tools. This is perfect if you don’t have room for extra drill bits or smaller tools or if you do not want to have a large toolbox. Add magnetic strips to the side of a table or the wall where you will be able to hang the tools with the strips. It looks very professional having these tools ready on a magnetic strip.

 7. Steel Pegboards

Steel pegboards are a traditional essential for many garden sheds. They look great and are very handy for your tools. Being very inexpensive, you can get a board at any department store. Just mount the peg board to the wall, and hand your tools from steel hooks.

 8. Tape Dispenser

Duct tape, electrical tape, and other tapes are essential to your shed. If you have many rolls everywhere around the shed, it can get very frustrating when they are misplaced. Create a wooden tape dispenser to place all of your rolls! All you need are wooden boards and a hacksaw blade to create the dispenser. Create a box and a department for each roll of tape.

 9. Plastic Cups on a Pegboard

With the use of your pegboard, try hanging an assortment of plastic cups where you will be able to put all of your small equipment, drill bits, pens, and screws. Drill 2 holes in each cup and you will be able to secure them on the pegboard using zip ties. Design and customise the cups yourself to give it a personal touch. You will be able to keep all your small items organised.

10. Paint the Floor Decoratively

This will really dress up any shed, placing a decorative pattern on the floor. You can have any style of your liking, whether it be oriental or modern. Painting the floors give it a fresh new look whilst giving it a personal touch. People will be impressed with your customisation.

So there, mate. It always feels great to have a well-organised garden shed. Not only does it make checking through important tools easier but it also gives us a little peace and quiet.

Following these tips will highly increase your garden shed storage space.

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