Celebrate Father's Day: 5 Things You Can Do With Your Dad in the Garden
Celebrate Father’s Day: 5 Things You Can Do With Your Dad in the Garden
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Celebrate Father’s Day: 5 Things You Can Do With Your Dad in the Garden

It’s Father’s Day this weekend! Are you thinking of what to do or where to take your dad for a memorable celebration? Well, the answer may just be lying within your space!

You don’t need to be fancy or splurge on something to celebrate today. Sometimes, fathers appreciate more if you spend quality time with them—like bonding in your yard just like you used to when you were a little kid.

Here are the best backyard activities you can do with your dad this Father’s Day:

1. Start or sustain a family garden


It is always a father’s responsibility to provide for his family. But you can always do your share in helping your dad sustain your family’s needs with organic produce!

How about raising a 4’x4′ vegetable bed in the garden with your dad this weekend? You can opt to buy seedlings from the store to get a glimpse of your organic garden before Father’s Day ends.

You can also consider a container garden if you don’t have enough space for a fruit or vegetable patch. These are all great activities since gardening taps into a man’s desire to provide for his family.

Prepare your tools and spend an enjoyable day in the yard with your dad!

2. Do some landscaping

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Landscaping may sound similar to gardening, but it’s more of an artwork than cultivation. It’s a fun activity to unleash your creativity with your dad for Father’s Day.

Spend the day emulating the natural beauty of the wilderness in your own home. You can encourage your father to create an ordered environment with you in the backyard since landscaping taps into a man’s desire to protect his family.

Consider the five compositional elements of a garden into your landscape design: vegetation (flowers and plants), landform (stones and boulders), water (fountain and pond), paving (brick pathways and patios), and structures (gazebos and trellises).

Look around your yard—consider it a blank canvas and draw a quick plan before working on it with your dad!

3. Construct a tree house


Most men love building something — a house, a family, or even an empire. This Father’s Day, bond with your dad by putting up an architectural work—like a simple tree house!

Here’s a useful tip: online kits may come handy in this activity; but if your dad is a go-getter, it might bore him to follow a manual and assemble a pre-designed tree house. By all means, you need to make sure that you prepare the right materials to come up with a structurally sound and safe building.

Regarding the tools, dads know best! Consult him beforehand in gathering the necessary equipment, if some of them are not in his garage yet.

4. Build a birdhouse


If a tree house sounds too much, maybe a birdhouse appeals better for a simple Father’s Day bonding activity! A birdhouse may be one of the easiest carpentry projects that you and your dad can do, but it can also be his much-needed break from his day-to-day stress.

Building a stamping ground for birds can also foster a man’s desire to provide shelter to something smaller and more vulnerable. Once the birdhouse is done, fill it with the food that wild birds would love to munch.

Not only can attracting birds to your yard be one of the best ways to help wildlife thrive, but it can also delight the entire family once your first tenants arrive! Watching these little feathered creatures visit the house you built will surely be a refreshing sight in your garden.

5. Build a fire pit


For a different experience, spend Father’s Day with the entire family in an intimate bonfire night! Before doing so, building the firepit can also be a great bonding moment with your dad in the garden.

Clear the space, dig in the pit and lay the stones in the spot where you want to spend quality time with your father and the entire family. The firepit can serve as the place where fathers, grandfathers, and uncles sit down and pass on their wisdom to the younger ones.

A perfect firepit has a unique way of drawing men and their families together around it. With some cocktails and barbecue on the table, prepare to hear the funniest, saddest, and most intimate stories from your dad and the rest of the family!


We hope you enjoy your Father’s Day celebration this weekend. Don’t forget to greet your dads and let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there!

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