Vegetable Garden: Here's How to Start a Vegetable Garden from Scratch
Vegetable Garden: Here’s How to Start a Vegetable Garden from Scratch
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Vegetable Garden: Here’s How to Start a Vegetable Garden from Scratch

In recent decades, the sublime of garden vegetable patches seem to have gone out of fashion in recent decades. Yet the reasons on why they should make a comeback as soon as possible are manifold.

Growing your own vegetable patch is way more convenient, healthy and cheap. Considering that it is also an environmentally friendly way to feed your family.

As food prices leap and environmental concerns develop, experts are calling for the humble garden vegetable patch to make a swift comeback. With that being said, we are calling the attention of UK households to get on board with our campaign.

This movement is designed to remind the Brits that their vegetables need them! Our outdoor specialists have called for their return, revealing eight reasons why Brits should summon the World War I spirit and start their own vegetable patch today.

Garden Vegetable Patches


Did you know that garden vegetable patches were a cheap and easy source of food during our grandparent’s generation? This mostly happened particularly in times of crisis. Now with the food prices skyrocketing, our experts believe vegetable patches are the perfect and ideal way to lessen the cost of weekly grocery shopping for British families.

Our team have repurposed Lord Kitchener’s 1914 call to arms and persuaded households to flourish their garden soil in support of sustainable food. Once you’ve established an interesting outdoor hobby, a backyard vegetable pot could also lead to healthier diets in UK homes.

As claimed by our researchers, organising a source of fresh vegetables in the garden may reduce green-fingered Brits’ carbon footprint.

Eight Reasons to Start Your Own Garden Vegetable Patch

1. Easy Set Up


To tell you the truth, it’s so easy, quick, cheap and straightforward to get a vegetable patch up and running. All you have to do is to arrange aside a plot of land in the backyard and get your hands on some necessary gardening tools.

2. Low-cost Food


Seeds are inexpensive; finding a little spare time shouldn’t be too costly. Even some additional water and nutrients shouldn’t break the bank.

As a reward for, the household will be fed many times over.

3. Environmentally Friendly


It is believed that it is a completely unnecessary use of air miles and truck transportation when getting vegetables flown in from around the world. So, why bother pumping all those harmful greenhouses gasses into the atmosphere? When you can actually grow them at the bottom of your garden instead.

A sustainable garden is one of the lifestyles you can attain to avoid wasting resources and minimise negative impacts on our environment! Feel free to check out our write-up on how you can start your own sustainable garden this summer!

4. Healthy Diet


Encouraging all the family to cook fresh dishes from scratch more often is essential. Especially when you have a ready supply of fresh vegetables at the bottom of your garden.

Get your five-a-day in more regularly, consuming more vegetables mean meals that are lower in calories and higher in nutrition.

5. Tastier Meals


Did you know that the possibilities for a wider variety of meals in the kitchen are high when you have your own garden vegetable patch? Well, thanks to the flexibility that comes from having a range of fresh, healthy and tasty produce available without the struggle of having to go to the shops.

6. Reassuring Ingredients


Homegrown vegetables mean no artificial additives, preservatives or pesticides and encourage reductions in food waste and inefficiency. You can trace their sustainable source and be sure of their organic and vegan credentials.

Only if you’ve planted, nurtured and picked your own ingredients. Here are the 10 vegetables you can plant to have an exciting and healthy meal in the winter time.

7. Natural Entertainment


One of the struggles of modern families is to snatch their children’s attention away from their screens. Having your own vegetable garden could be an introduction to natural entertainment. In this way, they’ll find ways to reconnect with nature.

On the other hand, this can also provide adults who are not fond of technologies with a new fascinating outdoor hobby to pursue.

8. Lower Shopping Bills


Before you even get to the supermarket, every portion you pick off from your garden patch can be automatically crossed off your shopping list. This means taking a lesser hit in the pocket at the checkouts every week.

It turns out that growing a vegetable garden on your own gives you the real perception of gratitude when you can see the bounty of your efforts. Not only that, but this also helps you appreciate nature more, especially when you have the opportunity to witness how things grow.

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