Eight Reason Why You Should Start A Garden Vegetable Patch
Eight Reasons Why You Should Start A Vegetable Patch In Your Garden

Eight Reasons Why You Should Start A Vegetable Patch In Your Garden

Now that greenhouse gases trap more heat than the Earth can contain, a lot of environmental enthusiasts encourage people to gear more towards sustainable living. This includes bringing back the humble vegetable patch in every British home.

Here’s Why Every Home Needs a Garden Vegetable Patch

Back in our grandparents’ generations, veg patches were a cheap and natural source of food. They served as the people’s saving grace in times of crisis, particularly during the war when citizens could no longer get their hands on the country’s resources.

At present, we are facing a similar battle; it is no longer against our fellow humans, but against the consequences of what all of us did to the planet over time. More than before, the environment now needs more good initiatives to help fight global warming.

And while a vegetable garden helps nature thrive, it is also a convenient and healthy option for our diet and household needs. Here are eight reasons to convince you to start a vegetable patch in your garden:

1. Easy Setup


Though gardening is not always as easy as 1-2-3, getting a vegetable patch up and running is pretty simple. After setting aside a plot of land in your garden, you can plant a few seeds and take advantage of the growing season.

In terms of the right crops, you can add something new in your veg patch every season since various vegetables can grow in a variety of weathers. For example, you can plant cold-hardy greens and peas in early spring as well as sun-loving tomatoes and cucumbers in summer.

2. Low-Cost Food


A vegetable patch in your yard surely won’t break the bank since a few seeds are reasonably cheap, as well as the water and nutrients you need to maintain them. In return, your household gets a sustainable supply of fresh veggies to add on every meal.

3. Environment-Friendly


Travelling veggies from around the world is an unnecessary use of air miles, land transportation, and plastic. All these efforts that pollute the atmosphere and add too much waste can simply be eliminated by growing your own vegetables.

4. Healthy Diet


If you want to eat healthily, a vegetable patch at the bottom of your garden will surely encourage you! Instead of merely getting your supplies from a market filled with unhealthy options, a ready source of fresh vegetables in your yard will lure you into cooking more healthy dishes.

5. Fresher Meals


Picking vegetables from your own yard guarantees fresher ingredients to add on every meal. A range of fresh, healthy, and tasty goods can also encourage you to cook more veggie dishes and take advantage of your produce — minus the hassle of going to the stores.

6. Chemical-Free Ingredients


Obviously, if you have planted, maintained and picked your own vegetables, you can trace their source and ensure their organic credentials. They will have no preservatives or artificial additives, and they are surely nurtured without harmful pesticides.

At the same time, homegrown produce encourages less food waste, inefficiency, and chemical use in fruits and veggies.

7. Natural Entertainment


While most of us buy veggies from the stores, little did we know that growing them makes a great bonding activity! If parents want to get their kids away from their gadgets’ screens, or simply need a stress reliever, gardening is an exciting and fun hobby to pursue.

8. Practical Option


Though you need to buy seeds and create fertilisers to grow plants, every vegetable you pick from your yard is an item ticked off your shopping list. Primarily, if you invest more time on your organic space, your pocket will take a lesser hit from buying your veggies.


Aren’t you convinced yet? Start a vegetable patch now and reap the benefits sooner!

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