Planting Timeline: Spring Garden Preparation for Your Garden
Spring Timetable: Spring Garden Preparation for Your Garden
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Spring Timetable: Spring Garden Preparation for Your Garden

The days are getting longer and the weather becoming more lenient. With spring so close at hand, perhaps it’s the ideal time to start preparing your gardening plan for the spring and summer seasons.

Frost and lower temperature are still expected; this is why having a spring garden timetable is essential. In this way, you’ll be reminded of the things you should and shouldn’t be doing to protect your young plants.

Clearing and cutting back your plants from last year and getting borders in top condition before replanting are few of the things you can do as soon as spring hits. Then you can move through some spring chores such as mowing the lawn and deadheading bulbs.

But why stop there? Our gardening experts here at Garden Buildings Direct have compiled a spring garden timetable to help plan your springtime chores!

Spring Garden Timetable

Our garden team experts have researched the main gardening jobs and the ideal time period gardeners should be doing them in during spring.

Early-Spring Chores

Here are the things you have to be mindful of in early spring.

Clear Back Last Year’s Plants


Before you even start replanting your garden display in the summer, clearing out all the old plants from last year is essential. You can cut the perennials back and add all the dead leaves to your compost heap.

Feed Your Borders


Rather than spending a fortune on expensive composts, why not just add some manure? This will help your soil to be in top condition before you replant.

Plant Seeds

spring-garden-timetable-preparation-3-plant seeds

To give your seedling a high chance of survival, don’t plant them directly into the ground. Plant them in your greenhouse or indoors instead.

Mid-Spring Chores

Now, here are the things you have to be mindful of during the mid-spring.

Mow the Lawn


Before you give your lawn an early mow, ensure that it’s scorched. Then you can continue harvesting them regularly throughout spring and summer. You can apply lawn weed and feed as well.

Plant New Roses, Trees, Shrubs and Perennials


Early spring is the perfect time to plan your new planting scheme. Remember to think about where you will put your plants and whether they’re appropriate for your soil. So choose suitable plants that will suit that look!

You can also research for the fastest growing flower seeds if you want to see quicker blooms in the garden.

Trim Hedges


To help the hedges form a shape throughout the spring and summertime, ensure to give the hedges a good cut especially if they are new. You can trim them back again every four to six weeks; this will help them to maintain their shape.

Clean Your Patio and Deck 


Mid-spring is an excellent time to get that pressure washer out and blast all of the winter residues off from your patio and decking.  Once they’re all cleaned down, make sure to treat them, especially your deck.

Late-Spring Chores

Now let’s focus on the things you should do during the late spring.

Take Cuttings


If you’re waiting for the good time to take softwood cuttings of hardy and half-hardy perennials, late spring the perfect time to do it! You can collect the cuttings early in the day and non-flowering shoots as they will root better.

Prune Spring-Flowering Shrubs


Don’t forget to cut back any early flowering shrubs ready for next year and deadhead your bulbs. You can let the foliage die even without purging it.

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