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Seven Flowers for an Autumn Garden

Seven Flowers for an Autumn Garden

While spring and summer are more commonly regarded as the gardening seasons, you can still get your garden to bloom throughout fall — and even winter — with the right choice of plants.

Best Flowering Plants for Autumn

Dahlias, pansies and crocuses are just some of the flowers you can grow to brighten your backyard in the coming months.

Though it can be quite difficult to see blooms during these seasons when plants mostly die off and hibernate, there still are certain species you can count on. Planning when and where to grow them properly will help you enjoy your garden regardless of the weather.

You can also consider taking advantage of a greenhouse to extend the growing season!

1. Crocus


Crocuses are perfect for the autumn weather since they can bloom through fallen leaves. However, they can be heavily affected by the wet weather so you will need to plant them under thick trees or sheltered areas in the garden. This technique allows you to enjoy Crocus blooms for as long as possible.

2. Dahlia


Dahlias are a popular sight during summer. But, they bloom at their best in August and September.

These species offer a wide range of colours that will surely brighten up any garden. They also come in a range of sizes so you can best plant them to fill gaps, particularly in borders.

3. Pansies


Some varieties of pansies do stop blooming once the weather gets too cold. However, there are winter-flowering pansies you can opt for which can keep your garden bright until late spring.

You can plant smaller varieties in borders as well as in pots and window boxes.

4. Nerine


Nerines deserve a spot in your autumn and winter garden since their flowers usually bloom towards the end of September, or even later. They also remain intact over the coldest season.

5. Begonia


These flowers will show themselves throughout summer but will survive well into the first frosts. They can also be extremely fragrant, perhaps reminding you of the summer months whenever you get to venture outside.

6. Heather


Brilliant for providing deep pinks and purples, heather is a brilliantly textured plant which can add a new dimension to any autumn garden. The long flowering season from November to March means that you can get months’ worth of enjoyment from the plant.

7. Aster


These flowers bloom throughout late summer and into autumn, bringing a subtlety of colour to any garden. Well-suited for borders, plant in a sunny, airy position to ensure you make the most of the flowers. Ensure it is well-pruned once the flowers dieback to enjoy the same show next year.

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