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8 Reasons Why You Need a Home Gym

8 Reasons Why You Need a Home Gym

It is important to live an active lifestyle and feel in tip-top shape every day. However, if gym membership fees, travelling times, and a complicated schedule are dragging you down, you might want to consider a more convenient option; a home gym!

Setting up a home gym provides a lot of benefits! Whether you want to turn a garden shed into an outdoor gym or allot a spot in your home for this purpose, you will experience a huge difference.

Here are some of the best advantages of setting up a home gym:

1. Saves travel time and cost

BillyOh Clubhouse Log Cabin

Whether you live local to a gym or have to drive a few miles, the time you spend travelling can be converted into more time working out. If you have a gym at home, or in a separate structure in the garden, it takes just a few steps and you’re there!

Travelling costs will also be cut, which you can now use to invest in more equipment and gym renovation.

2. Own schedule

It can be difficult to fit your training time into your schedule if you have a 9-5 job, five days a week. Not to mention the time you spend travelling to a commercial gym, for a potential mere 20-minute session.

Setting up a home gym would allow you to set a more flexible schedule. If you are also a parent you can easily set a training time for when the kids are asleep or at home with you.

Allowing your kids to watch you work out can also inspire them to follow-by-example and pursue an active lifestyle themselves.

3. Greater motivation


A lot of people find themselves less motivated to work out when they have to travel far just to go to the gym. Installing your own at home will psyche you up since you can exercise any time, perhaps starting your day with a 10-minute session on the treadmill.

It can also be more motivating if you have an independent structure for a home gym. A garden shed or log cabin can perfectly fit this need, providing a sense of separation between the activities you do at home and at your gym.

Seeing the lush view of your garden can also help you relax after an intense workout!

4. Privacy

BillyOh Kent Home Office

Let’s be honest — most of us wear headphones at the gym to maintain a sense of privacy. We want to mind our own business when working out without being noticed.

A home gym provides us with such a luxury — working out in peace and being able to ditch the wires and turn up our own choice of music. We also do not need to wait for another person to finish using a piece of equipment before we can take over.

Working out at home allows you to work out with no inhibitions since there will be no audience to notice or judge.

5. Own training environment

BillyOh Metro Log Cabin

If you have a gym at home, you are your own manager. No dress codes, time limits, and other strict rules to follow. You create your own training environment and are allowed to drop weights on the floor a little too loud without distracting others.

6. Zero membership cost


While gym memberships are advertised as ‘affordable,’ this regular expense will still cost you hundreds of pounds over time. For the same amount you pay for a year, you can already invest in a few types of home equipment. You’ll still see incredible results in the long run!

7. Allows better focus

One key advantage of having a home gym is being free from the distractions found in most commercial ones. If you want to achieve real results, you can better focus on your workout, being left with little to no distraction.

8. Personal equipment


As mentioned earlier, a personalised gym set up will not require you to wait for someone else to finish using a piece of equipment. You will never have to adjust the machines to suit you either.

Your gym equipment will always be ready and equipped for your specific needs.



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