Post-Summer Maintenance: Preparing the Greenhouse for Fall and Winter
Post-Summer Greenhouse Maintenance

Post-Summer Greenhouse Maintenance

Summer has ended and British gardens are now preparing to adjust to the autumn weather and endure the winter frost. To provide shrubs with a warm indoor environment when temperatures fall, a lot of gardeners are relying on greenhouses for their plants’ survival.

But, making the most out of this controlled environment means you have to keep it repaired and maintained.

Maintaining Your Greenhouse for Autumn and Winter

You might be one of the gardeners who typically shut their greenhouses down over winter. But, there are a few tips you can follow to keep it up and running during the colder months and until spring comes back around.

So before the cold sets in, our garden experts have created the perfect list of post-summer tasks you should complete to make the most out of your greenhouse. Cleaning, tidying and repairing it will also help prevent the winter from aggravating any potential problem.

1. Clean

Grime and debris that might have covered your greenhouse’s glass panels can cause structural damage. If you clean them now, you will not have to endure the struggle of doing so during the cold winter months.

So, clean your greenhouse thoroughly and check the gutters and drainage to make sure they aren’t clogged.

2. Repair

When it comes to repairing what needs to be fixed in the greenhouse, autumn would be the best time. Check if any of its glass panes need replacement, and act on them as soon as possible.

Though you’ll likely have fewer plants growing in the greenhouse as they catch the last of the summer sun, you will still want to make sure that it is watertight before the frosts of winter arrive

3. Tidy

If you have been using your greenhouse as your garden tools‘ storage, now is the best time to declutter the area and sort through them. It will not only help you determine which new equipment you need to purchase, but also assist you in knowing where everything is when you need to use them.

4. Plants

When it comes to maintaining your plants in the greenhouse, those that are planted directly into the soil will need weeding. You also have to remove them now if they are once-growing perennials.

Aside from that, you can look for any of your greenhouse plants which need pruning or deadheading to carry out such task.

5. Propagating

Once you have completed the job of clearing your greenhouse’s space, you can begin planning and working for next year. You can start taking a cutting from plants this year to be kept in your greenhouse over the winter to propagate.

It will give you a head start when next year’s planting season begins.

6. Pests


If pests have infected your greenhouse plants this year, now is the perfect time to do a full clean. It will prevent the same from happening again in the next planting season.

You can also try and let some of their natural predators (ladybirds, dragonflies, among others) in the greenhouse to help keep control of what’s happening in your space.

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