Playhouse Buying Guide – Everything You Need to Know!

Playhouses are the most popular outdoor buildings for children. They provide endless hours of fun and entertainment, making it a perfect investment for both the parents and youngsters. However, if you’re planning to purchase one, there are some important factors you need to consider.  

With so many different types available, which one should you be choosing? And, once you have bought it, will you be able to assemble it yourself? How should you decorate your playhouse? To make sure you’ve asked yourself all the right questions before making a decision, we have put together this helpful playhouse buying guide, providing you with plenty of options for you to decide from.

Let’s get started!

Our Playhouses

Wooden playhouses are one of the most popular playhouse types that provide the ideal place for children to let their imaginations run wild! They also provide children with a naturally entertaining space that encourages them to get off the sofa and away from their devices and screens.

Just like our very own BillyOh Lollipop Max Playhouse, this playhouse has a traditional cottage design that includes decking, which will provide your little ones with even more space to play. You can also add picket fencing to add an enclosed space that also helps to keep your garden tidy. 

Other than that, our wooden playhouses collection is engineered with Tongue and Groove panels that give the overall outdoor structure a stronger construction and better protection from the weather and other outdoor elements. 

Safety and Restrictions

For many parents, the safety of items purchased for their children is of the highest importance.

The thought of the children caring for themselves in their own tiny house may be daunting. Therefore, we recommend adult monitoring whenever a playhouse is used. However, it may be of reassurance to learn that our playhouses are safety tested to British Standards BS-EN71 for domestic use.

Our playhouses are not designed for children aged under 36 months as there are many small parts, which may be a potential choking hazard. Furthermore, there is often a maximum user weight of 50kg when tower playhouses and two-story playhouses are concerned. We also recommend keeping the playhouses a minimum of 2m clear from any obstructions or other structures. 


Our durable playhouses are built with tongue and groove sections — including the roof and floor — for extreme strength and durability. The T&G feature also makes each part of the wooden playhouse easy to attach, allowing a tight fit between them.

Tongue and groove construction also provides our playhouses with excellent weather protection. Interlocking panels ensure that water cannot infiltrate the structure, protecting its parts from corrosion.

Aside from their wooden assembly, our children’s playhouses also come with premium mineral felt roofs. It provides superior protection and durability to these outdoor structures’ roofs.

Where to Place a Playhouse

In our previous article, we’ve talked about the important things that every parent should know when installing a playhouse. Included in our comprehensive guide is the ideal location where to place the playhouse.

Here are the things you need to consider:

  • Level ground
  • Safety area
  • Drainage
  • Weeds and trees
  • Supervision

Types of Playhouses

There are various playhouse types available in the market, so choosing the right design for your children can be difficult. For instance, which is best for a small garden? Which is the safest? And most importantly, which will provide the most fun?

To save you from confusion, here is a brief description of every type of playhouse.

1. Wooden Playhouses

Playhouse Buying
The BillyOh Bunny Playhouse

Wooden playhouses are an ideal environment for children or grandchildren to spend their time.

The traditional design of the wooden playhouse includes barn doors, flower boxes, picket fences, and traditional crossed windows. These features themselves can help allow the kids to imagine they are living in the peaceful countryside surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Wooden playhouses are available in many different sizes and can be either one story or two stories. And there is bound to be an option suitable for every style of garden, with the Bunny Playhouse being a highly versatile option!

2. Tower Playhouses

Playhouse Buying

Great for slightly older kids, tower playhouses like the Bunny Max Tower Playhouse can provide your children with a safe, exciting play area. They are often available with slides for added fun. Hours could be spent climbing up the ladder, sliding down the slide, and repeating countless times. A tower playhouse could easily become your kid’s secret hideout, spaceship, or fairytale castle. 

For the kids, it may even be exciting enough knowing that they have a place to call their own that the parents can’t easily access. 

3. Two-Storey Playhouses

Playhouse Buying

Wouldn’t it be great to install a mini kitchen on one floor and a fun bedroom in another? Offering a greater amount of space, our two-storey playhouses will surely entice kids to spend more time playing. Their siblings and playmates can also create separate areas of the structure for their own kind of fun.

Kids can go up and down the playhouse in a safe and built-in wooden step ladder. It will give the kids a sense of having their own little house to care for and play in. Some of these two-story playhouses are also multi-room, allowing the children to invite more in a mini house party!

4. Log Cabin Playhouses

Playhouse Buying
BillyOh Junior Log Cabin Playhouse

To add more aesthetics and quality to a playhouse, we also offer designs that underpin the unique concept of a log cabin. Aside from the appearance, this design highlights the structural integrity of log cabins that will allow your kids to have a fun, safe play!

If you’re looking for a multi-room and two-storey, offering a huge amount of space for children, including the older ones to play, our BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Playhouse is your best bet! All of the details of this log cabin playhouse have been carefully considered to provide the maximum amount of for your little ones. With its beautifully crafted stable door, the multi-room and two-storey design will surely impress any adult, including little adventurers with a vivid imagination for play.


When it comes to assembling a playhouse, you will quite easily be able to do this yourself!  

Most of our playhouses utilise a modular design for ease of assembly. As long as there is a minimum of two people helping to assemble the playhouse, it should only take a few hours to set up. 

Each kit is also complete with every fixture and fitting that makes a playhouse design extremely functional. You will never go wrong in installing it in your garden since it comes with comprehensive assembly instructions.

Here is a list of the tools you’ll need when installing a playhouse:

  • Hammer
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood saw
  • Spirit level and tri square
  • Stanely knife
  • Stepladder
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

All of our playhouses are guaranteed self-assembled and come with comprehensive and easy to follow instructions.

Design Features

1. Windows

Playhouse Buying - windows

To provide a light and airy feel inside the playhouse, we have equipped out playhouses with fixed, cottage-style windows allowing natural light to stream inside. 

All of our playhouse windows are made with styrene glazing, which is highly durable and easy to clean. This also means that they are unlikely to shatter when hit during the outdoor football match or the superhero vs. villain fights. 

For a more aesthetic design, you can also opt for window shutters and flower boxes. Aside from enhancing the playhouse’s visual appeal, flower boxes encourage kids to care for plants in their own play space!

2. Doors

Playhouse Buying - doors

When it comes to doors, our playhouse designs feature two kinds: saloon, a pair of swinging doors, and stable, upper, and lower leaf, which you can open separately. The door is also dependent on the style of the playhouse you choose.

For instance, if you pick our BillyOh Junior Log Cabin Playhouse, this outbuilding is crafted with a stable door that adds a cottage style appearance and at the same time, gives children the option of having the top and bottom half either open or closed which is a fun and a whimsical feature of the build!

3. Fencing

Playhouse Buying - fencing

If you want to keep the kids safe and have a more exclusive feel in their playhouse, you can also add our picket fencing option to your purchase. They make every playhouse truly a mini home for your little ones.

We also offer two sizes: Picket Fencing B, a small fence option. Picket Fencing D, a large fence option. Also, keep in mind that our picket fencing is not available on tower playhouses.

4. Accessories

Playhouse Buying - accessories

Make the most of your new playhouse by adding some creative accessories to inspire your children to play actively and imaginatively. Choose from steering wheels, bells, periscopes, telescopes, binoculars, blackboard with clock, and megaphones for the children to explore.


Playhouse decoration

Whilst our playhouses are delivered undecorated with the natural wooden surface, encourage your little ones to paint and splash some of their favourite colours so that they can have a colourful play den. 

There are so many ways to make your little ones’ playpen more homely and colourful looking. You can even create a  pirate’s ship or a castle!

Give your children a chance to express themselves in a safe and controlled outdoor environment with a wooden playhouse; you will not just end up having a high-quality outdoor building in your garden, but also your little ones will have their fairytale castle, superhero hideout or even a secret den!