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Fun Things to Do During National Gardening Week 2017

Fun Things to Do During National Gardening Week 2017

National Gardening Week 2017 is from the 10th-16th April this year and is currently in full swing. Whether you are an experienced gardener or more of a novice, there are a lot of fun gardening activities and events you can get up to this week.

Attend a Gardening Event

If you feel like looking around some fantastic gardens or joining in on community gardening, have a look at the official National Gardening Week website, which provides an expansive list of events that are happening all over the country, throughout the week. With such a huge list of events, there’s sure to be one near you!

Go behind the scenes with access to the composting process at The Garden House in Devon. Help new gardeners to grow at RHS Garden Harlow Carr in Harrogate, or if you live near Manchester, take a guided tour around Whitworth Park. Take advantage of the Gardens near you and attend one of these great events which are happening all this week!

Organise your own Event or Activity

If you can’t attend one of the event’s this week, making your own fun activity with the kids or organising a community event, is another great way to celebrate National Gardening Week 2017. Here are a few ideas;

  • Get a few people together to transform or clean-up an unused or neglected space in your area (with permission!)
  • Start a new vegetable patch. What better time to put your green fingers to use than during National Gardening Week?!
  • Host a garden party and invite your friends and neighbours.
  • Help encourage birds into your garden with homemade food.
  • Hold a fundraising event to raise money for a local community garden or project. You could hold a cake sale, a sponsored weeding marathon or a bring and buy sale.
  • Decorate a plant pot with the children and plant up some pretty new flowers for your outdoor area.

Get Fit and Healthy in your Garden

Remember, your garden isn’t just for growing beautiful flowers and plants, as well as supporting your local wildlife. It’s an opportunity to get outdoors and get fit. So as well as using your garden to grow nutritious vegetables, or grow some amazing plants, you can also use it to get active!

Organise a boot camp class in your garden or local park. Some boot camp exercises include:

  • Balance pod zig-zag touch: Using balance pods in a zig-zag formation, run and touch each one until complete. Repeat.
  • Step-ups: Using a low bench or step, alternate legs during step-ups. Get those arms involved to increase your heart rate. Or even carry a gallon jug filled with water.
  • Bench triceps dips and push-ups: On any sturdy bench or step, perform triceps dips. Then work the chest and tricep muscles with bench (or ground) push-ups.
  • Wall sit: Place a yoga block between your knees and sit against a wall. With your thighs (quadriceps) about parallel to the ground, squeeze the block to ensure your knees stay close together and remain in an isometric hold for a minute.


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