How to Keep Your Pets Safe This BBQ Season | Safety Tips
How to Keep Your Pets Safe this BBQ Season
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How to Keep Your Pets Safe this BBQ Season

While a BBQ party can be an excellent way to have a superb summertime for humans, this can be an excellent time for your pets to have fun and socialise, too.

And if you’re one of those people who consider fur babies as part of the family, you might want to consider have them in tow during the summer festivities.

But keep in mind that if the party isn’t properly managed, it can’t guarantee your pet’s safety. So, to avoid causing grief and chaos in your BBQ party, here are the things you need to consider to keep your pets safe during the grilling feast.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe this BBQ Season

Separate Human Food From Dog Food


As much as possible, avoid serving meat with bones, such as chicken wings and steaks. This can attract your pets, particularly if you have dogs.

Chicken and pork bones, if eaten, could splinter and lodge in pets’ throat or stomach. It may result in severe operation or worse, death.

But if that’s too much to ask, you can ask your guests to keep those foods away from them.

Another way you can do is ask everyone to wrap their leftovers before throwing them away. This way, pets can avoid getting the food into their mouths and tummies immediately.

Make sure to keep an eye as well for the other typical barbeque servings that can also be toxic for dogs, such as grapes, garlic, onions, avocado, peaches, chocolates, and xylitol-sweetened products.

Keep Trash Out of Their Reach


Ensure that even the wrapped leftovers will not be dropped in the sight of your pets. If not avoided, this can lead them to digestive illnesses like diarrhoea or pancreatitis, all of which requiring immediate veterinary care.

For more extra care, organise the tools in your shed so they wouldn’t reach them. Feel free to follow these brilliant steps to make sure everything is in the right place.

Create Boundaries


If you wish your pets to be mingling with your guests, create boundaries and secure the surroundings.

The tempting smell of grilled food can attract them close, so it’s best to keep them away from the hot grill. And of course, don’t leave the barbeque unattended.

On the other hand, a fire accident can also happen whether you work with charcoal or gas grill. To ensure your pets’ safety, keep them inside amid the party.

You can also make the garden safe for the pets despite not having a barbecue party for the day. If you do not yet apply any safety precautions, these ten tips to dog-proof your outdoor space will save the day.

Unattended Alcohol


It may be hard to manage everyone’s behaviour at a party, mainly if it involves alcoholic beverages. That said, you should look out for open or unattended alcohol containers and discard them.

Also, keep in mind that the basic ingredient present in most liquors can be toxic to dogs. So encourage your guests to enjoy their drinks responsibly.

Know the Plants in the Garden


Your garden might have some certain plants that can harm your pets, such as Lillies which are poisonous to cats, Laburnum to dogs, and more.

Other plants like Daffodils, Yew, and Rhododendron also contain high toxin concentration that can threaten your pets. So, avoid having these plants around your garden to keep the animals safe.

Keep Them Hydrated

pets-safe-bbq-season-keep-the-fur-babies-hy drated

Having your dog or cat at a summer BBQ party could make them thirsty quickly. To prevent heat stroke or heat stress, it’s vital to keep them well-hydrated.

You can set up large, accessible bowls of water for them outside.



Sure, fireworks can add that aesthetic vibe to your party, but they frighten dogs big time. Outdoor parties with fireworks render the highest rates in triggering canine’s anxiety.

To keep your pooches safe and sound, ensure to keep them close to you inside when the fireworks are going off.

While enjoying yourselves, be sure to keep your pets safe this BBQ season!

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