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Best Plants for Hanging Baskets

Best Plants for Hanging Baskets

One of the best ways to improve a flat garden is by growing hanging basket plants that add levels to your space. You can also drape them over your front porch for a more welcoming vibe in your home.

However, not every plant deserves to be in your hanging baskets — so know which species best grow above the ground!

8 Great Hanging Basket Plants


It can be quite overwhelming to decide what to plant where — especially when it comes to hanging baskets. You wouldn’t want plants growing too tall for the container, so you will need to choose typical bedding plant varieties.

Generally, flowers that grow outwards instead of upwards are best suited for baskets, especially those that will spill over the edge of containers and hang down in drifts of colour.

To help you determine these species, here is a list of plants you will never go wrong when grown in hanging baskets!

1. Begonias


A popular basket flower, Begonias are ideal if you are planning on hanging them in a shaded spot. There is also an amazing range of these seasonal bedding plants that are instantly recognisable with their large blooms that hang from thick stems.

2. Fuchsias


Great in semi-shade as well as in full sun, you can enjoy trailing fuchsia blooms throughout the summer. This flower also mixes well with other plants though it did earn its popularity by being planted solo, so that’s something to consider.

Fuchsias are also extremely tough hanging basket plants. Aside from that, they are considered semi-hardy so you can keep them in a frost-free place over winter and re-grow the following year.

3. Petunias


Petunias can offer you huge drifts of colour in one hanging basket since you can plant a variety of them together. Some fantastic two-tone species of Petunia can also add a great look to your garden and home!

4. Pelargoniums


Pelargoniums come in different varieties, but they all make a great hanging basket flower. They simply need a sunny spot and regular deadheading to keep the blooms coming.

5. Tomatoes


Wondering why a tomato plant can be an option for your hanging baskets? It’s because bush varieties of cherry tomatoes actually grow well in them!

Plant some in a sunny spot and feed regularly to have a nice alternative to traditional flower baskets. You can then expect some cherry tomatoes to add on your next meals.

6. Creeping Jenny

Despite having small yellow flowers, Creeping Jennys are great as hanging plants for their golden foliage, which trails over the edge of baskets. They can be grown in full sun or partial shade.

7. Verbena


Totally carefree and easy to grow, Verbenas can provide a stunning mix of shades in both your pots and baskets. They also have a more compact growing habit, forming masses of flowers that gently spill over the edge of their container.

If you want butterflies and moths visiting your yard, you can plant this great nectar plant for them too!

8. Sweet Alyssum


Sweet Alyssum helps attract butterflies and bees to your garden with its strong honey scent. This plant has an appealing trailing habit, but they can turn shaggy as the season progresses. You shouldn’t worry though; you can merely reinvigorate this plant with a summer haircut.

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