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Growing a Pet Dandelion
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Growing a Pet Dandelion


Showing your children to witness a blooming dandelion with its beautiful flowers and seed clocks can encourage them to see the cycle of bud to seed in detail. It should also teach them how to take care of potted plants. This activity will take 20-30 minutes in setting up the dandelion on the pot, then several weeks of observing. Doing this activity in spring time would be ideal.

Materials needed:

• A Plant Pot
• Shovel
• Soil/Compost
• A Semi-Grown Dandelion (make sure that you will not damage its root upon pulling it out from the ground)


1. Let your children fill the pot with soil and compost.

2. Look for a dandelion around your garden and help your children to pull up the plant but make sure that you will not damage its root as stated above.

3. Plant the dandelion in the pot, and firm it in with more soil and compost.

4. Help your kids to water the pot well, then put it on a windowsill.

5. Make sure to monitor it regularly. Your kids should see it grow its buds, then the flowers will attractively bloom. You may notice that the flowers will die but their seed clocks will form.

6. Their dandelion should grow few flowers. Now, your kids can count how many it grew and produced. They will produce in hundreds!


Interesting Facts about Dandelions 

• Different types of insects pollinate dandelion. Yellow flower turns into puff ball that consists of large number of fruits called achenes. Seed of dandelion has disk-like extension that acts like a parachute and facilitates dispersal by wind.
• Dandelion is grown as a crop in Belgium.
• The entire dandelion plant is edible.
• Dandelion is useful in gardens because it improves quality of the soil by increasing the content of nitrogen and other minerals.

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