Global Christmas Tree Traditions: Decoration Ideas You Can Try!
Global Christmas Tree Traditions
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Global Christmas Tree Traditions

Nothing shouts Christmas more than a beautifully decorated tree, adorned with colourful baubles, lights and tinsel! But, have you ever wondered where these charming Christmas tree decoration ideas came from?

Christmas trees are one of the most universal ornaments used to mark the start of the Yuletide season. Despite this, a lot of countries that celebrate this holiday vary in the way they adorn and choose their Christmas trees.

In Ukraine, for example, the tree is covered with spider webs which are thought to bring good luck while Americans love to wrap strings of popcorn around the festive centrepiece. The French follow tradition with baubles shaped like fruits while in sunny Australia, trees are decorated with seashells.

Here are some of the most popular Christmas tree traditions from countries around the world — you can try adopting a few this year to bring a unique twist to yours!

1. UK

During the mid-1800s and by the early 1900s, Christmas trees became popular among the wealthy classes in the UK. Since then, most people now put one up to mark the festivities.

At present, Brits use tinsel, lights and baubles to decorate their Christmas trees.

2. Norway

Norwegian families decorate their trees on Christmas Eve. Parents usually do the decorating while kids wait outside the room. Once done, everyone joins hands and sing carols while walking around their Christmas tree.


3. Italy

Predominantly a Roman Catholic country, the Christmas tree isn’t usually the star of the show. They mostly focus on the nativity scene for their decorations.

4. USA

People in the United States have the tradition of adorning their Christmas trees with strings of popcorn. This Christmas tree decoration idea is thought to date back to the 1950s when outdoor trees were embellished with food for birds and wildlife.


5. Brazil

Christmas is a hot and sunny day in Brazil, so people decorate pine trees with cotton balls to represent falling snow!

6. Australia

Australians celebrate Christmas down under on the beach — so what better way to decorate the tree than with shell ornaments?


7. France

Before, French Christmas trees were decorated with real fruits. At present, people use fruit ornaments instead, which is why red apples are a popular Christmas tree decoration ideas at present.

8. Germany

Traditionally, Germans use real candles to decorate their Christmas trees. However, electric lights have become steadily more popular over time. In Bavaria, families tie straws into festive shapes to decorate their trees.


9. Ukraine

In Ukraine, people use spiders and spider webs to cover their Christmas trees, which is believed to bring good luck and good fortune to their families. It can be one of the most unique Christmas tree decoration ideas you can try this year!

10. Japan

Though Christmas isn’t widely celebrated in Japan, people who do and put up trees at home usually decorate them with the origami swan, a symbol of peace for the Japanese.


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