19 Gardening Resolutions You Can List Down for 2019
19 Gardening Resolutions You Can List Down for 2019

19 Gardening Resolutions You Can List Down for 2019

Every new year comes with new resolutions. While most New Year’s resolutions include getting back in shape or saving more money, some people look into making their gardens thrive for the next year.

If you’re one of those looking forward to having a healthier garden for the next growing season, then it’s time to list down your plans for 2019.

With these simple resolutions, the upcoming year will become the best year of your garden’s life. Plus, you, as the gardener, will also be more productive and you will also enjoy the fruits of your labour!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned expert or a complete newbie in gardening. As long as you put these pieces of advice into action, you could make your backyard a more pleasant and efficient space not only for you but also for wildlife.

Here are the 19 gardening resolutions for 2019:

    1. Be organised and stick to your plan

      As with any other New Year’s resolution, the first thing you need to do is to set your goal straight. Avoid piling up your to-do list for your garden by making sure to keep on top of them as often as possible. Lay firm foundations for the whole year by taking down a detailed and timed plan to follow.

      19 Gardening Resolutions You Can Do for 2019

    2. Plant a crop

      If your garden features only flowers and grass, maybe it’s time to take a step further. Use your garden to feed your family this year by planting your own crops. Instead of buying in the market, you can also save money from homegrown fruit and vegetables. There are a lot of options that are suitable for British gardens. You can try growing anything from parsnips, peas, and potatoes, to strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

    3. Build your own compost heap

      Don’t immediately throw leftover after your meals, you can use those come up with your own organic fertiliser. With the use of your kitchen scraps and other suitable rubbish, you can build a compost heap in an appropriate location in the garden. This will help you cut food waste, and it also creates a nutritious natural fertiliser.

    4. Check on your tools

      Decluttering your collection of outdoor tools and equipment is important throughout the year. However, the onset of a new year is a perfect time to clean, repair, organise and if possible, replenish those that have already worn out,

    5. Make sure to start with a neat space

      Having a neat garden will not only make your backyard look much better, but it will also inspire you to take good care of it. So regularly remove any weeds, dead species or fallen leaves. Also, see to it to trim the borders and grass frequently.

      19 Gardening Resolutions You Can Do for 2019

    6. Get scientific

      This isn’t as complicated as it seems, and it’s beneficial in knowing more about your garden. Test the Ph (acidity) level of soil in the backyard to learn what plants could be most suited in varying conditions. Once you get the results, you can start making necessary amendments.

    7. Protect your timber

      Aside from your plants, you should also check on the timber in your garden. Treat any wooden decking, fences or sheds with a layer of protective paint or varnish to make sure they will last through the year.

    8. Nurture the seeds

      Although it’s nice to have someone else take care of all the hard work after planting. However, nurturing a new plant from birth more often is very rewarding, so make sure to try it in 2019.

    9. Work with natural remedies

      Purchasing organic pest solutions might be more costly, but they’re worth the shot. You can also look out for recipes online to make them at home, as an alternative to ones that damage the environment.

    10. Every drop counts

      Wise gardeners don’t often use tap water for their plants. The best practice is to collect rainwater and sprinkle it on your garden. This will allow you to conserve water, and it also helps in cutting down on your monthly expenses.

      19 Gardening Resolutions You Can Do for 2019

    11. Plan for holidays

      Include your garden when preparing for the holidays. Don’t leave them behind without any water for too long. You can ask a kind friend, or maybe a relative or a neighbour to water and tend to everything while you’re away.

    12. Make it bird-friendly

      Having birds around your garden is a definitely pleasing sight. Since it will be difficult for them to hunt for food once in a while, help them by leaving out specialist food or feeders in the backyard. They will also appreciate it if you provide a water bath or bowl as well as appropriate shrubbery or bird boxes to shelter in.

    13. Build an insect hotel

      Aside from birds, make your garden a home for insects too. In a quiet corner, pile up a selection of bricks, logs, rocks, twigs, and leaves to create a mini hotel that will quickly become home to all sorts of insects, bugs and spiders.

    14. Keep cats out

      To prevent your neighbours’ cats from visiting your backyard and turning it into their toilet, place simple obstacles like pine cones and branches into any obvious points of entry.  You can also lay chicken wire under mulch to make the ground rough. Or you can spread feline repelling smells – such as coffee granules or citrus peel – around the borders.

    15. Enjoy the garden

      Maximise the use of your garden and use it for socialising and entertaining. You can even just spend some time relaxing and appreciating the surroundings, rather than only visiting it to do gardening.

      19 Gardening Resolutions You Can Do for 2019

    16. Capture inspiration

      Talk a walk down the neighbourhood and see others’ backyards for some inspiration. If you have time, you can also try attending any classes or courses, visiting a public or botanical garden, or talking to friends for tips and tricks.  Don’t worry about stealing ideas from online research either – it’s not illegal.

    17. Try something new this year

      If you find your garden boring, maybe it’s time to try something new this 2019. Visit the store and buy a relatively unknown species or add bright colours to replace dull greens. You can also try planting a tree, which could also provide nutritious homegrown fruit such as apples.

    18. Take photos

      Take photos of your garden and share them with the world on some of the beneficial social media channels. Be proud of your hard work and success in making your garden beautiful.

    19. Get the family involved

      Share your passion for gardening with your partner or teach your children while they’re young. In this way, you can lessen your workload on taking care of the garden, and it could give them a new hobby too.

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