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Specialising in outdoor buildings and leisure products since 2000, Garden Buildings Direct is a family run business. A business that is unique within the market as, directly from our UK factory, we design, manufacture and deliver all of our wooden items.

We believe that a home would not be complete with a garden lacking colour and life. For some, the state of one’s garden reflects the people living inside the house. However, the upkeep of a garden requires a multitude of effort. Something that many of us find easier with an outdoor garden building by our side.

Garden Buildings Direct UK

An outdoor building, no matter if it is a shed, log cabin, summerhouse or playhouse could be the solution to finding somewhere to store gardening tools when they are not required.

Alternatively, a garden building can be transformed into the ultimate getaway. Somewhere you can retreat to relax after a long day at work. Or simply somewhere to escape the noise.

Garden Sheds

BillyOh Expert Apex Workshop

A shed from Garden Buildings Direct can be used in a number of different ways. We are confident there is a garden shed, either wooden, metal or plastic, capable of fulfilling all purposes.

For example not only can our outdoor sheds be used for the more conventional methods. Think a place to store gardening tools, outdoor furniture and the stuff you want out of the house. An outdoor shed can also be transformed into home gyms, home offices, pubs and cinemas,garages just to name a few.

Whatever you want to turn your outdoor shed into, you are bound to find a garden shed that takes your fancy from Garden Buildings Direct.

But if you are unsuccessful at first glance, it may be interesting to note that many of our garden sheds have customisable features. For example, the floor and roof thickness have various options to suit the purpose of your outdoor building.

We also offer pressure treatment options that can make for an outdoor garden building that is low maintenance and therefore cost-effective in the long run.

It may also be reassuring to know that our sheds are purposefully designed to be able to withstand all elements of British weather. No matter if sun, rain, snow or hail.

Log Cabins

BillyOh Metro Log Cabin

You could say an outdoor log cabin is an ideal alternative to investing in a home extension.

Why? Because a log cabin can easily be turned into a home office. Ideal for those with the freedom to work from home, as it can cut out travel costs and office rent.

Alternatively, a garden outdoor log cabin could be a comfy entertainment room, the solution to bringing the family together. Or what about a personal gym, to help motivate you to get in shape.

With so many designs and customisable options available, you may end up building an outdoor log cabin so impressive, you won’t want to go back to your house!


BillyOh Tessa Tongue And Groove Reverse Apex Summerhouse
One easy way to make your family’s Summer one to remember is by purchasing a Garden Buildings Direct summerhouse.

As well all know, during the summer, chances are it’s going to rain. But imagine enjoying the warm weather knowing you have a safe space to retreat to when the dark clouds begin to loom.

With wide double opening doors and long windows, an outdoor summerhouse could be the place to get creative whilst still enjoying the fresh air.

Or, why not turn a garden summer house into a home cinema. This can help you feel like you’re getting an outdoor movie experience.

Furthermore, when the warm weather has gone, you could either turn the summerhouse into a cosy paradise. Or simply use it as a room to store your summer belongings.


BillyOh Picton Corner Summerhouse

Did you know a playhouse could play a huge role in opening up a whole new part of your child’s imagination where you could let them run wild?

All of the Garden Buildings Direct playhouses are safe and secure and are capable of providing your children with hours of entertainment.

With several styles available including, single or multi-storey, traditional or modern you could easily provide your children with the perfect fairytale castle, a spaceship, pirate ship and more.

Additionally, with some of our outdoor garden playhouses having the option of an additional slide, you can treat your children to not simply an indoor play area, but an outdoors one too.


BillyOh Polycarbonate Lean-To Greenhouse

For those looking to grow and care for fragile plants in need of constant shelter and protection, a greenhouse is ideal.

Available in a number of sizes and with the option of either plastic or wooden, any one of our outdoor green houses can provide the optimum amount of heat and sunlight required.

Outdoor Living

BillyOh Acorn Hooded Gas BBQ

As well as specialising in outdoor garden buildings, Garden Buildings Direct also caters for all things outdoor living. From barbecues to outdoor patio furniture why not even treat your child to a new sledge ready for the next round of snow.

Garden Buildings Direct BillyOh is proud to offer a number of high-quality barbecues. Including gas BBQs and charcoal BBQs.

In fact, barbecuing in the sun has never been easier as we offer portable barbecues with barbecue accessories too. This means you can take your barbecue to a number of different places without worrying about how heavy it will be, or how much space it’ll take up in your car.

Alternatively, opt for our garden furniture. Our range includes wooden garden furniture, metal garden furniture and rattan garden furniture.

An easy, sometimes low cost, way to spruce up your garden is by creating an outdoor seating area. Choose from outdoor bistro sets, dining tables, sofas and loungers and within no time you can be soaking up the summer sun in comfort.

Garden Buildings Direct Reviews

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we are proud of the reviews we receive from our family of customers. Therefore we continue to put 100% effort into the quality of our products and services to ensure a pleasurable experience with Garden Buildings Direct.

We personally love hearing from our customers directly. Especially when they share their Garden Buildings Direct reviews with us through our various social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Some even choose to visually share with us how we helped their garden by including before, during and after pictures of their garden building journey. For example in our BillyOh Skinner Log Cabin stories.

Not only do we enjoy seeing them to aid in further developing our products, but we also are keen to share them with you too.

How reassuring is it to see the garden building you are interested in, in a real-life environment? Not only can this help you work out whether the building is the right choice for you, but it can also heighten your excitement leading up to delivery day.

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