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Environmental Links on the Internet

Environmental Links on the Internet


There are many environmental issues and concerns that affect the earth as a whole. This web page highlights major environmental issues that we are faced with in this day in age. Listed below are resourceful websites about each environmental topic. It’s important to make the public aware of the impact humans have on the earth.


Save Our Environment – This is one of the most well known environmental advocacy organizations. Taking action through petitions, letters and word of mouth, this organization is backed by many environmental organizations.

EPA – The US Environmental Protection Agency has been established since 1970. This governmental project leads the United States in environmental science research and education efforts.

Action Network Hub – This online environmental activism group has over 750,000 participants all over the world. Their homepage lists the most recent campaigns you can sign up for.

Green Coalition – This organization provides eco-friendly solutions to improving health standards, developing ethical business practices, and improving the environment.

CAST – The Council for Agriculture Science and Technology. This organization promotes science based information that can help improve environmental issues.


Modern Agriculture: Environmental Effects – This paper highlights the effects agriculture has on the environment over the course of history. Excellent resource.

Agriculture and Rural Development – Environmental issues are world wide. This website may be from the European Commission, but it pertains to the entire world.

Agriculture, Ecosystems and the Environment – This is a collection of educational journals that have been published on the topics of how agriculture effects the environment.


Environmental Pollution – This web page describes the effects environmental pollution has on both humans and wildlife.

Environmental Pollution and Temperate Forests – A paper written about the effects of environmental pollution on forests in North America. This paper does a great job of explaining what chemicals are released through different forms of emissions.

Air Pollution and the Environment – This article describes the terrible effects that air pollution due to cars has on the environment and people. Take a look at the life threatening diseases air pollution causes.


EPA – Climate Change – The EPA does an excellent job of explaining how the climate change is effecting not only the environment we live in, but how it effects our health and food supply.

Global Warming Petition Project – Not only is this website about taking action to slow global warming, but it offers great charts, data, and figures to explain why global warming needs to be slowed down.

Climate Change and Human Health – The New England Journal of Medicine wrote a great paper about how the climate change is effecting human health.

Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprints – This website does not only provide factual information about what an ecological footprint is, but you can also take an interactive quiz that shows you just how much your way of living is effecting the environment.

Global Footprint Network – This organization provides basic information on what the ecological footprint is, as well as provides footprint information by businesses, cities, nations and science. There is also a news feed that is worth reading on a regular basis.

Earth Day Footprint Calculator – This website is aimed at making the public aware of environmental issues; the footprint calculator is a great tool to show the personal effects and efforts that can be made to preserve the environment.

Fossil Fuels & Gases

Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuel – An informative article that explains how this non-renewable resource is affecting the environment.

Environmental Aspects of Fossil Fuel and Gas Use – This page has excellent resources on how fossil fuels and natural gases are having a negative impact on earth.

Natural Gas and the Environment – Very informative website about the emissions of natural gas and how they are effecting not only the environment but how technology and businesses are working.


Greenhouse Gases – Great report on how the greenhouses gases effect society and aid in Global Warming.

Greenhouse Effect – From the Government of Hong Kong, this Hong Kong Observatory research breaks down the Greenhouse Effect and how it is harming the atmosphere.

The Greenhouse Effect: Science and Policy – Great report written about how the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming is effecting the environment and how it is effecting policies that are made.

Solar Energy

Solar Action Alliance  – this website aims to educate people about solar energy.

National Parks

Yosemite National Park – The Environmental issues that are effecting Yosemite National Park.

Other Resources

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