Seven Everyday Alternatives to Plant Pots
Seven Everyday Alternatives to Plant Pots
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Seven Everyday Alternatives to Plant Pots

Excessive plastic waste is one of the environment’s major problems at present. As eco-conscious gardeners, we should participate in every initiative to reduce this destructive waste — and one of them is creating DIY plant pots when old pots break rather than buying new ones.

Aside from helping the environment thrive, using some everyday alternatives to plant pots can reduce our expenses and add beauty to our gardens. If you are wondering what these substitutes are, our garden gurus here at Garden Buildings Directs have created a useful list.

7 Plant Pot Alternatives You Can Find At Home

It is never a bad thing to re-use old items at home, especially for the garden. You only need to ensure that every pot alternative you utilise will match your plants’ needs — size, soil and nutrient requirements.

Creating DIY plant pots can even serve as a bonding activity for you and the kids!

1. Teacups


Especially for small ornamentals, cups and teapots can serve as cute little pots for indoor and even outdoor plants. If you have some chipped or tea-stained ones at home, you can use them as a quirky cactus pot or as alternative homes for other smaller plants.

2. Wellington boots


If your wellington boots have been worn out or poked with little holes, don’t throw them away! Instead, fill them with soil to maintain their shape and plant flowers to use them as DIY plant pots.

Aside from recycling your old boots, they can also complement the look of your garden.

You can even place them by the back door to encourage little ones to take their shoes off before getting inside the house.

3. Tyres


For bigger plant pot alternatives, you can stack old tyres together to provide a pot with a deeper soil option. You can then paint them in various colours to improve the look of your garden.

4. Wheelbarrows


Give new life to your old wheelbarrow by using it as a flower bed and adding a rustic vibe in your yard. Make sure to clean the wheelbarrow and fill it with soil before planting herbs or flowers.

And since this equipment is movable, you can shelter the plants or expose them to more sunlight as you deem fit.

5. Watering can


Watering cans are versatile garden equipment. Aside from using them to hydrate the plants, they can serve as a garden tool organiser or even an alternative plant pot.

To give your old watering can a fresh look, paint it with a colour that will complement the look of your yard then fill it with soil before planting herbs or flowers.

You can make use of the plastic ones, but old metal cans last a lot longer and look way better than their plastic relatives.

6. Shoe organiser


Vertical gardens are now a popular trend among green-fingered individuals, especially those who have small spaces at home. If you are planning to set up a herb garden, using your old shoe organiser as a DIY plant pot would be a great idea.

After filling each pocket with soil and planting herbs or flowers, hang the organiser on a fence or wall. You can also try more hanging plant pot ideas to add texture to your garden setup.

7. Paper


If you want a more crafty alternative, you can take advantage of old pieces of paper and newspaper as DIY plant pots. It would make a great option if you need a range of sizes but want them all to look the same.

Do this technique by wrapping pieces of paper around cylindrical moulds, making sure that no gaps are created for compost to fall out. You can also involve the kids in decorating them to encourage them into gardening!

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