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Choosing the Best Spot for Your New Log Store

Choosing the Best Spot for Your New Log Store

One of those little facts of life is that every house needs a log store. These structures hold most of the wood that a regular household will use during the winter, and so they are considered to be essential for any family. Making sure that the logs you will use remain as dry as possible, and that they are placed conveniently in your yard, will definitely make it easier to access this small structure without exposing yourself to the elements for too long.

Log Store

In many cases, people choose to install their wooden or metal log shed in the back of their gardens, thinking that this will clear out the area immediately around their house. Another reason some commonly give is that these small structures ruin the way their house looks. While these motives may hold up in some cases, they are oftentimes misguided, and put homeowners in a difficult position during the winter.Undoubtedly, the best possible place to position a log store is next to one of the walls of your house, preferably near the front or back door. This will provide you with extremely easy access to the logs during the winter, and will prevent prolonged exposure to cold or snow as you replenish your interior reserves. Another fact you should consider is that placing your storage compartment in this manner will eliminate the need to dress up before you go out.

Going outside the house in the dead of night, through knee-deep snow, to collect logs from the back of the yard is never something people like. Doing so requires that you put on a thick jacket, as well as your boots and impermeable pants. All of this can be avoided by installing the log store on the back porch, next to the door. As you go out, you will be protected from the snow by the roof, and will only spend less than a minute outside.

If installing the log store in such a position is impossible, you should prepare for your midnight strolls. Use a shovel to clear the shortest path to this storage area during the day, so that you will not have a bad time during your night outings for logs. This will make it easier for you to keep your family warm, while minimizing your own exposure to the cold.

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