6 Best Romantic Plants for Valentine's Day
6 Best Romantic Plants for Valentine’s Day
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6 Best Romantic Plants for Valentine’s Day

Traditionally people give cut flowers for Valentine’s Day to demonstrate their affection to their significant other. But by buying a houseplant or an outdoor plant for a special someone, you’re gifting something that will provide enjoyment all year round.

From traditional roses and orchids to the more unusual cherry tree and succulents, we have listed the best romantic plants you can consider to express your appreciation for that special someone.

1. Anthurium


Consider giving your Valentine something different this year. Do you want something unique and romantic? An Anthurium arrangement is your best bet!

A heart-shaped flower, Anthurium is perfect for Valentine’s Day. A true symbol of love indeed!

What’s good about these heart-shaped flowers are that they are low maintenance, easy-to-grow, and can last up to 28 days.

You can also buy this kind of flower all year round. It comes available as a cut flower and as a pot plant, and in a wide variety of colours from bright red to muscular white and from salmon pink to soft green.

2. Moth Orchid


If you’re looking for something a bit extra to show your Valentine how special they are to you, moth orchids make the perfect choice for a bouquet.

Beautiful, elegant, and long-lasting — they’ve got it all! When appropriately cared for, its romantic elegance can last for years, and its flowers can last for months at a time.

Red orchids are perfect if you wish to stick with red coloured flowers. On the other hand, if you plan to go sweet and simple, opt for a single stem of mini-orchids.

Note: Moth orchids like humidity, so it’s best to keep them in the kitchen or bathroom. Also, only water them if the roots have turned silver grey. If they’re green, then there’s no need to water.

3. Bleeding Heart


Also known as Dicentra Spectabilis, Bleeding Hearts are well known for their long arching stems that delicate drip heart-shaped flowers in white and pink.

White petals bloom downward like droplets, giving the plant its “bleeding heart” name. With a charm of their own, a Bleeding Heart arrangement sounds like a plan!

Moreover, this type of plant can also be placed into flower beds and borders with their long arching stems. They love a shady spot, such as under the tree. But they can also grow in a sunny position as long as they’re well-watered.

4. Hoya Hearts

Considered as a Valentine plant, Hoya is a heart-shaped flower that makes the perfect alternative to a bouquet for Valentine’s Day! 

Hoya Hearts are a single potted lead that’s only a few inches tall. Their leaf is thick, and it will eventually grow vining stems with lots of heart-shaped leaves spread out along its length. Even better, it can produce small clusters of flowers too!

Terra-cotta pots and gravel make the perfect home for these hearts.

5. Cherry Tree


Another excellent Valentine’s Day choice is the cherry tree. Planting a tree on that special day is a lovely thing to do to commemorate that occasion. Plus, the tree itself can be a permanent reminder of your love.

Cherry trees are packed with gorgeous pink blossom during the spring, and it’s also pretty and sweet, making it the best gift for your Valentine’s sweetheart.

On the other hand, opting for this type of plant can bring romance and beauty to your garden every year. Some varieties will even produce delicious cherries to eat throughout the summer. Just plant them in a sunny area and watch them grow.

6. Rose


Roses signify romantic love and affection. There is nothing more romantic than this traditional Valentine’s Day flower, whether it’s a cut flower or a plant. If you don’t want to stray from the classic Valentine’s Day gift, this flower is the ideal choice. 

Planning to have roses in your garden? Here’s some good news for you: they can be planted all year round, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. ‘Faithful’ is a fantastic bush rose that comes potted that can bring that deep Valentine’s red to your outdoor space for many years to come.

If you opt for a rose bush, they can last in your garden for years and are easy to establish too. Just remember to fertilise well and cut back any dead or damaged growth at the end of the growing season.

Whatever flower or plant you choose, it will surely be appreciated by your loved ones and will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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