Best Garden Offices For Working From Home (2021)

If you’re currently working from home, then the work-life balance may be something you struggle with. Because of this, it’s important to be able to set aside all of your professional matters when the working day finishes.

A brilliant way of keeping your personal and professional lives separate is through a garden office. The simple act of having the short commute from the house to garden, as well as having a designated working environment, will allow you to keep your work duties well away from your home.

Inspired by a new way of working, these are what we believe to be the best garden offices sold by Garden Buildings Direct.

UK Best Garden Offices For 2021

Best Garden Offices #1: BillyOh Kent Home Office (Price: £3,043)

best garden offices
(Kent Garden Office)

If you’re working from home and are looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle of your house, then the BillyOh Kent Garden Office can be the perfect solution for you!

Made from European sourced timber, the Kent guarantees dependable quality. Not only that, but the building is also designed with galvanised ironmongery, which helps to ensure that your log cabin office will last for years to come.

With its multiroom design, you’re free to customise your workspace as much as is required. Another great feature is that this log cabin unit comes in a choice of 28mm, 44mm, and 70mm log thicknesses to suit your needs. 

Note: The 44, will be equipped for Spring, Summer and Autumn, and the 28mm cladding is only primarily designed for summer use.

Design Insights

  • Tear-resistant Felt – High-performing waterproof felt, giving you the ultimate roof protection.
  • Integrated Porch Area – Creating a sheltered area ideal for taking breaks in the sun or sheltering the entrance from bad weather.
  • Extra Head-Height – Giving you the ultimate space making it easy to take items in and out.
  • Easy Construction – Easy to assemble interlocking log boards.

Best Garden Offices #2: BillyOh Outpost Fully-Insulated Building (Price: £6,200)

BillyOh Outpost insulated garden office
(BillyOh Outpost)

The BillyOh Outpost Insulated Building is perfect for year-round use as an office, relaxation space or garden studio. With EcoQuilt insulation in the roof, floor and walls and thick double glazing included, this garden cabin stays warm in winter and cool in the summer!

Keep scrolling to see what the Outpost is made of. Or click here to learn more about the Outpost.

Design Insights

  • Fully Insulated With High-performance Multi-foil Insulation
  • 14mm Double Glazed Windows For Year-Round Use
  • Thick 66mm Insulated Panel Construction
  • Optional Pressure Treatment For Longevity
  • 11mm Tongue And Groove Floor And Roof
  • Wide-Opening Double Doors For Ease of Access
  • Secure Mortice Lock System For Maximum Security
  • Complete With Felt, Fixtures And Fittings

Best Garden Offices #3: BillyOh Fraya Pent Log Cabin (Price: £2,759)

BillyOh Fraya Log Cabin
(Fraya Log Cabin)

Designed to complement any modern garden, the Fraya Pent Log Cabin is a highly versatile garden building that features a modern front overhang. This enhances the contemporary look of the building whilst simultaneously providing a feature that’s highly practical.

If you’re planning to use your log cabin office all year round, then you needn’t worry about any harsh weather conditions. This is thanks to the front overhang that supplies shade in the hot, summer months and shelter from the rain during colder and wetter months.

The wide opening double doors provide easy access in and out of the building, while the windows offer great views of your backyard space, giving a light and airy feeling when you’re inside the cabin.

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we offer a range of window options to suit your preferred style and budget. You can pick between the double glazed and single SAN windows. Plus, you can also customise certain other aspects of the garden office; from roof coverings to tongue and groove floor options.

Enhance the time spent in the garden with friends and family with the BillyOh Fraya Pent!

Design Insights

  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity
  • Shatterproof single glazed windows
  • 11mm Tongue and Groove Floor and Roof
  • Complete with felt, fixtures and fittings

Sizes available, including their prices:

  • W4.0m x D2.5m – £2,759
  • W4.0m x D3.0m – £3,129
  • W4.5m x D3.0m – £3,409
  • W5.0m x D3.0m – £3,659
  • W4.5m x D3.5m – £4,415
  • W5.0m x D4.0m – £5,195

Best Garden Offices #4: BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summer House (Price: £1,915)

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin With Side Store
(BillyOh Tianna)

Featuring a modern and stylish design, the Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse is a unique garden building that is equipped with a contemporary pent roof and long windows that are ideal for any garden setting. With a multi-purpose design, the integrated storage is great for storing all your gardening items and office equipment in one place, safely out of sight.

The highlight of this garden building is that it operates as both a log cabin, summerhouse and a storage area – thanks to the side store. Even better, this log cabin summerhouse can also offer you a peaceful and comfortable working environment, helping you to set aside your work life at the end of a stressful day.

Design Insights

  • Full length double doors for natural light
  • 19mm or 28mm Tongue and Groove Log Thickness
  • 11mm Tongue and Groove Floor and Roof
  • Single glazing windows built-in for peace of mind
  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity
  • Complete with felt, fixtures and fittings

Sizes available, including their prices:

  • 12x8ft – £1,915
  • 14x8ft – £2,185

Best Garden Offices #5: BillyOh Dorset Log Cabin (Price: £2,759)

Dorset Log Cabin
(Dorset Log Cabin)

If you’re on the hunt for a brilliant outdoor living space that can be utilised for many years to come, then the BillyOh Dorset Log Cabin fits this requirement to a tee.

Not only is this garden building built with European sourced timber, which is purposely selected to guarantee quality. It’s also designed with galvanised ironmongery which ensures a level of structural rigidity and durability that other garden offices are unable to offer.

There’s more! The Dorset also features a traditional log cabin wall construction and a choice of Georgian or Modern style windows. In addition, the doors are centrally placed, which gives the cabin a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.

Available in a range of sizes, with different wall thicknesses, and various other options available to choose from, you can put together the perfect outdoor building for you and your loved ones.

Design Insights

  • Reverse Apex Roof for Increased Headroom
  • Extra-High Central Double Door Design
  • Modern or Georgian Style Doors and Windows
  • Pressure Treated Option Available
  • 11mm Tongue and Groove Floor and Roof
  • Complete with felt, fixtures and fittings

Sizes available, including their prices:

  • W4.0m x D2.5m – £ 2,759
  • W4.0m x D3.0m – £ 3,129
  • W4.5m x D3.0m – £4,199
  • W4.5m x D3.5m – £4,415
  • W5.0 x D4.0m – £5,195

Best Garden Offices #6: BillyOh Mia Log Cabin (Price: £1,515)

BillyOh Mia log cabin
(Mia Log Cabin)

Inspired by a new way of working, the BillyOh Mia Log Cabin is designed to provide a contemporary and dedicated space where you can work in a peaceful and comfortable setting, giving you the freedom to create a small office in your own vision and work in style.

This modern, pent-roof log cabin has been specially designed to equip you with not just a tranquil garden office, but also a relaxation hub. Paired with the contemporary design, the Mia combines a modern working space with a garden building which is ideal for relaxation – and all in the comfort of your own back garden.

Another great asset of this log cabin is that it gives you a blank canvas to make it your own – irrespective of how you want to use your office. The full-length door and window are perfectly aimed for remote home workers, providing plenty of natural light to create an airy and bright setting.

Lastly, the Mia is a practical, adaptable and convenient outdoor living space. It’s ideal as a home studio for creatives, or office space for freelancing professionals. 

Design Insights

  • 19mm Tongue and Groove walls
  • 11mm Tongue and Groove Roof and Floor
  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity
  • Green Mineral Felt roof covering included
  • Complete with fixtures and fittings
  • Shatterproof Glazing
  • Floor to Gable Window and Door

Amazing Features and Benefits of our Best Garden Offices

Solid Tongue & Groove Construction

Built using Tongue & Groove panels, our garden offices are designed with a secure and stable structure that is built to last. The panels interlock, creating a smooth finish that enhances the style of the office unit.

Tongue & Groove Floor Options

Two premium flooring options are available: 11mm or 19mm Tongue and Groove Board Flooring. Both flooring types are made using the same interlocking panel technique as the roof and rest of the garden building.

Pressure Treated Options Available

Pressure treatment represents a premium option, designed to offer additional weather protection and a more durable building.

For the ultimate protection from the elements, pressure treatment is definitely worth considering. A pressure treated garden office is great for anyone who is looking for a building that will require minimal effort to maintain and upkeep in the future.

With pressure treatment, your garden office will remain in great shape all year round, irrespective of the weather.

Why Buy From Garden Buildings Direct

Garden Buildings Direct is a leading manufacturer and seller of garden buildings; be it sheds, log cabins, summerhouses, playhouses and more. We invest huge amounts of time and manpower into ensuring our products are the very best they can be, whilst maintaining prices that allow our customers to always feel happy in spending relatively little for such an excellent product.

Because of this, we like to think that we know a thing or two about log cabins, and feel confident in saying that the above offices are our very best garden offices – so are absolutely worth checking out!

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