How to Avoid the Black Friday Chaos
How to Avoid the Black Friday Chaos
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How to Avoid the Black Friday Chaos

Just in case you hadn’t heard Black Friday is right around the corner. This means huge savings on a whole heap of items you didn’t know you needed until the big day itself.

But do you know the best way to cope with the day? Do you sit at home warm and comfy on your shopping device of choice or do you brave the outdoors and grab whatever you can physically get your hands on?

To try and help with this potentially stressful day, we’ve created a guide on how you should go about making it through in one piece.

What is Black Friday?

With all this talk of Black Friday, do you know where it actually originates from? Since 1952, it has been known to mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the United States as it follows the popular holiday Thanks Giving. Although the term “Black Friday” didn’t become recognised until the 1980’s.

However, here in the UK, it wasn’t until 2014 that the major retailers adopted the idea of Black Friday. And every year since then, this once a year event gets bigger and bigger with millions of people collectively spending millions of cash.

When is Black Friday 2018?

Black Friday takes place at the end of this week. It always follows Thanks Giving meaning this year the big day falls on Friday 23rd November. Although, most often you will see the deals starting a week in advance, with the deals ending on the following Monday, also known as Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Tips

We don’t know about you, but just hearing the words Black Friday can cause unnecessary panic. In fact, this is not surprising after seeing the news report scenes from the day where we humans turn into animals desperate for the items with the best deals.

Therefore, take a look at our tips, which will hopefully, make the whole day much more enjoyable.


  • Buy online rather than in store – unless you can cope with the crowds
  • Make a list and set yourself a budget beforehand to stop you spending more than you have
  • Have your bank cards ready at your side

In Person

  • Have alternative parking planned just in case the nearest carpark is full
  • Go to the shops you intend to visit before the big day to know where everything is located
  • Bring friends

What to Buy this Black Friday

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