6 Clever Garden Gadgets for Avid Gardeners
6 Clever Garden Gadgets for Avid Gardeners
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6 Clever Garden Gadgets for Avid Gardeners

In this day and age, there are gadgets for everything, most having been designed to make things easier, and help save time. And when we say ‘everything’ that includes gardening.

Available in the market, these garden gadgets could change the way avid gardeners approach outdoor chores. Some gadgets offer round-the-clock CCTV for your outdoor space, while others help to clean up garden waste. 

Cutting the lawn may also soon be a thing of the past, with auto mowers hitting the market, and string cutters are hoping to take the place of the humble scissor. 

We could soon be waving goodbye to scissors and lawnmowers, and say hello to patio cleaners, electronic soil testers and twine or string cutters. 

We’ve compiled a list of six devices that offer alternatives to everyday outdoor tasks. Check them out down below!

6 Clever Garden Gadgets for Avid Gardeners

Patio Cleaner

If you love vacuum cleaning, here’s some good news for you — behold the patio cleaner! In case your patio isn’t clean enough, this device is perfect for hoovering up dust which may be defacing your stones or paving slabs, or also for collecting leaves from the lawn. 

Auto Mower

For some, mowing the lawn is one of the more arduous garden tasks, and if you’re one of those people, this auto mower claims to complete the task for you. How cool is that?

Not only they are quick and intelligent, but they can also find their way around the garden while you can sit, watch and make the most of your free time.

String Cutter

Sometimes scissors aren’t quite enough to cut the mustard, that’s why this equipment known as string cutter is here, specialising in reducing the twine and string you use throughout the garden. 

Its blade is protected and tucked away, making it a safer option to use than a pair of scissors or a knife.

Garden Watch Cam

They say a watch cam can give you a “face on the film” — ensuring that you will not miss anything. Such as the exciting moment of your plants or flowers blooming, wildlife entering your garden, and even catching intruders!

So, if sitting alone or looking out the window into the garden isn’t enough for you, a garden watch cam can be an excellent investment for you. Go and see precisely what’s going in your outdoor space without leaving in the comfort of your couch.

Soil Tester

Do you ever constantly forget to water your plants? Do you need a hand to help you keep your plants hydrated?

Well, this latest garden gadget can be your gardening buddy! A soil tester is a device which you put into the soil after you plant flowers. Since this can be hooked up to your smartphone, you’ll be notified whenever the soil gets too dry.

This also ensures your plants are well-hydrated.

Gardening Apps

A very convenient one, having a gardening app on your phone will allow you to create a visual plan of your garden, which you can then decide what you’re going to plant, and where. How cool is that?

Moreover, you can also upload photos of flowers, and an app will identify the variety and show you care options. There are plenty of gardening apps available on different app stores, so make sure to check them out.

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