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30 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids on a Rainy Day

30 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids on a Rainy Day

Kids enjoy outdoor activities a lot. So, it can be hard to entertain them when the rain or cold weather is keeping everyone inside. And although most cities offer indoor playspaces or children’s museums, staying at home can be just as much fun — with the best kinds of rainy day activities!

Regardless of why you and your family prefer to stay home, we have compiled a list of some of the best activities for a fun indoor bonding experience. Find which best suits your mood and your children’s preference and make the most out of your rainy day moments!



Sometimes, the best thing to do on a rainy day is to take a well-deserved rest at home with your family. You can consider doing the following:

  1. Pop some popcorn and set up a family movie day/night.
  2. Make a blanket fort and read your kids a story. You can also do so in an outdoor playhouse — creating a den for the kids to play in. 
  3. Gather everyone and listen to a rainy day podcast.
  4. Set up an indoor “camp out” with sleeping bags, a tent, board games, and s’mores.
  5. Put out your old photo albums and let the kids find themselves in the photographs.

Involve Some Food


Of course, one of the best things to bond over — regardless of season — is food! Here are some ideas you can try:

  1. Bake your way through the rainy day!
  2. Cook a rainy day dish and share a meal with the family.
  3. Get some pre-made icing and cupcakes from the store and set up a cupcake decorating station.
  4. Create a marshmallow catapult and see who can catch the most in their mouth!
  5. Host a fancy tea party and invite all the dolls and stuffed animals!

Play Games


To add up to the fun, involve the kids in some of the best games you can play at home. Below is a list of playful ideas:

  1. Play hide and seek with the kids!
  2. Set up a doggy scavenger hunt — hide treats in puppy-friendly places, and see if your furry friend can sniff out all his hidden prizes.
  3. Launch a charades competition.
  4. Play some popular card games.
  5. Play “Simon Says” or “Follow the Leader.”
  6. Play a tabletop role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons.

Be Extra Merry


If your kids love to stay active despite staying at home, burn some calories with them using these intense ideas!

  1. Allow your kids to raid your wardrobe and put on a fashion show!
  2. Set up a dance party at home.
  3. Blow up a bunch balloons, toss them in the air, and don’t let them touch the ground!
  4. Pillow fight! 
  5. Build an indoor obstacle course for the kids.

Spark Creativity


Discover your kids’ artistic potential at the comfort of your home. Here are some of the best activities to do so:

  1. Set up watercolours and work with your kids to create their very own masterpiece.
  2. Whip up a batch of slime and teach your kids how to play with it.
  3. If you are feeling extra crafty, make a rainstick.
  4. Create and master some origami designs.
  5. Bond over some autumn crafts.

Engage in Educational Activities


Learning never ends! After all the energetic play, you can also engage your children in more challenging academic activities such as:

  1. Embrace your kids’ inner Einstein and try some cool science experiments.
  2. Let the kids play a basic board game.
  3. Solve a challenging puzzle as a family.
  4. Set up a tie-dye party (or an easier tie-dye alternative) and equip it with science lessons.
  5. Accomplish a giant jigsaw puzzle!

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