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12 Great Reasons Why You Should Have a Garden Office Now

12 Great Reasons Why You Should Have a Garden Office Now

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The idea of having a garden office grows more and more popular among professionals and entry-level workers of any line of career. And there are notable reasons to it. Wait, does it even count as “professional” to work from home, out in the garden? A sceptical company- or city-based worker might ask. To them, a career-life is something fulfilled within skyscraping buildings at the heart of the metropolis. But that’s the very thing. People now realise the need to unwind from the urban jungle whilst taking their productivity (and paychecks) to a success rate. This and many more reasons, factor in why people prefer working from home in their garden office shed. Here are a few reasons why;

1. Cuts out travel time and cost


Spending for car maintenance and repairs, waiting long hours at a bus stop and enduring annoying traffic jams, are constant torments of the city commuter. However, with the invention of garden office sheds, travelling to work has never been easier. All you need to do is take a few strolls toward the backyard and into your outdoor workspace haven. You never have to deal with traffic again. Plus, get to save a whole working life-worth of transportation expenses. Go figure!

2. Viable place for startups and freelance


Supplies and equipment considered, rental space or buildings come as an expensive option for small businesses and startup companies. Just think of the high rental costs which could have otherwise count as earnings. Freelancers and one-man companies who run from a garden office shed take advantage of zero-rental costs to make their businesses grow. Work-from-home parents and bloggers have known this to be a viable and stress-relieving work choice. Also, other companies with few employees or subsist in remote works prove the effectiveness of having their staff operate from home as this system helps reduce costs and administrative expenses, alongside better productivity results.

3. Say goodbye to office and city noise


Mouse clicks and keyboard-typing, frequent chats over the telephone, the intermittent chatter of colleagues from behind your desk, and a mishmash of noise out in the city streets. These annoying noises are all too familiar in the city office. Sometimes you wish everything is silent so you can think freely and get down to finishing your work in peace. What a relief to know that a quiet office of your own is now possible a garden office shed. It offers fewer distractions and much less annoying interruptions. You only need to focus on your work and having a healthy career in a stress-free space.

4. Strict rules, no more


If you’re among the white-collared (or blue or pink-collared) workers who squeeze in multiple tasks within 8 hours of working time, you’ll be surprised at the flexibility available when you work from a garden office shed. This is not to say you can hold off work or procrastinate as you please. But with the right time management and work attitude, you’ll be entitled to use some spare time for personal affairs and still get your job done. Additionally, you can “suit” yourself the way you want. It might seem an extra perk, but dressing up in your own style or wearing comfy clothes (a.k.a. pyjamas) whilst you work provides a respite from those monochromatic uniforms you wore on a regular basis. As you work from a garden office shed, you never have to stress about cleaning or ironing work clothes in the morning again. Win-win.

5. Lets you create your ideal workspace


When you apply for a company, you accept the work environment the company offers. The available room, desk or cubicle may not be to your liking, especially if it’s near someone you don’t feel comfortable with. But you have no option than to accept and make do. However, with a garden office shed you get to turn furniture around, choose the designs and wall colours and style up your home office with creativity and professional taste. You can even adjust light and temperatures until everything creates the perfect working mood for you. You own it. If your ideal workspace is having your beloved dog in sight, there’s no “No Pets Allowed” rule that could keep you from taking your dog with you. As they say, you’re the boss.

6. Brings nature-inspired productivity


We don’t have gardens or indoor plants for no reason at all. They inspire work wellness wonders and motivate us. In the labour world, studies have proven that workers who enjoy the privilege of seeing greeneries or taking walks show greater efficiency and productivity. But how about working right in the middle of your lush garden? A lot of motivation and creativity will inevitably grow from spending your working hours in a garden office. And when motivation is high, productivity soars even higher than those of office employees.

7. Relieves work-related stress in no time


An apparent reward for having a garden office shed is that you get to take in scenic garden views right from your work desk. The soothing effect of a natural environment allows people to work with less stress. And even if sudden glitches or minor work mistakes arise, a mere stroll in the garden or a breath of fresh air could alleviate stress quickly and calm the mind. Health advocate and entrepreneur Dr. Megan Jones, shares first-hand experience and expert advice on how to develop a happy and healthy work balance when working remotely.  

A slice of chocolate cake or a pot of your favourite tea are comforts that can be at an arm’s length. With a nice fridge and small kitchen in your garden shed office, you could get to enjoy a couple of breaks with your favourite foods. However, to get the best of health, opt to keep in healthier foods for your refreshment. Not only will you get stuffed, but you get back to work as focused and refreshed as you were during the first few hours.

8. It’s your sanctuary


A home office converted from an extra room in your house may not be as effective a workplace as an outdoor office. There are still noises and clutter typical in a home, particularly when you have kids around. You can get distracted easily. An outdoor space such as a garden office shed secluded from your house will offer you a less distracting environment. You’ll be away from the home clutter, plus you get the best of the peace and quiet that isolation among nature has to offer. Additionally, a separate garden office lets everyone in the family know you need private time to work.

9. Allows better work and home balance


This notion seems to oppose the idea of an office sanctuary afar the main house, but think of this. Do you often regret not being able to spend time preparing a good breakfast for your family because you needed to get to the office as early as possible? Or your boss has you running errands till you fall short of fetching the kids from school? Too often, family time is sacrificed when you take your career to near-exhaustive level. But given a workplace situated right in your backyard, balancing work and home obligations will not be too daunting. You have the right amount of time to attend to your kids’ needs in the morning. Get to spend time playing with them during your afternoon breaks. And prepare family dinner without having them wait for you to get home late in the evening.

10. Flexible Uses


There are times when your shed functions as more than a storage space. The same goes with a garden office shed. If there’s no work to be done, your outdoor office may as well be used as a hobby room, children’s playroom, a cinema for the whole family, or even a guest room for your visiting relatives. During office hours, your garden office shed may be the best receiving area for your surprise guests. A multi-room garden office that allows not only multiple desks but a waiting area for guests or clients makes the perfect office shed to suit a business from home.

11. Adds character to your garden


A private office in the middle of a beautiful garden! It totally gives that “wow” factor. A touch of modernity among natural elements provides you or anyone who happens to see your place with a fresh view. Along with providing shade, a garden shed office shed offers a better viewing angle towards your beautiful garden. And there’s more. What has having a garden office got to say about you as a professional?

12. Increases the value of your property


Many home and real estate buyers are seeking not just quality and space in a home but some extra features to go with their needs. And they are willing to pay for it. Garden shed-turned-offices are a big plus in terms of buyer’s choice of home and garden. It could add value to your property by as much as 7%. Whilst you earn from your profession, your smart garden office shed itself adds gradual savings into your account. What you’ve invested as your private workplace will be a potential financial source by the time you decide to settle on some other place.    

The benefits of working from a garden office are getting bigger and more significant. Although the office-life versus work-from-home idea continue to be a debatable issue, it’s easy to see why the business world is very much open to the thought of having a work from home outdoor office. It’s a kind of investment that prospers and works in many aspects. A garden office shed could offer solutions to a lot of your current work problems. Go ahead and enjoy a productive working life.

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