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12 Creative Easter Egg Activities
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12 Creative Easter Egg Activities

Make Easter the best one yet with these 12  Creative Easter Egg Activities that are sure to delight your children and maybe even you too!

1. A Rainbow of Colour

This easy Easter egg activity requires little preparation and will keep your kid’s busy! Mix food colouring with water and paint your eggs in a multitude of colours. These rainbow eggs will sure look pretty as dippy-eggs! Plus, they are a slightly healthier alternative to the chocolate kind.

2. Running and Hopping Easter Egg Hunt

Change up the traditional easter egg hunt by using star jumps, running or hopping. This will help keep your children active and they’ll have loads of fun competing with each other!

3. Pin the Cottontail on the Bunny

Pin the tail isn’t just for donkeys or birthday parties. Keep your kids entertained during Easter by playing this classic game with a fluffy twist. Get creative with the kids and make your own bunny using card, paint and cotton wool!

4. Easter Puzzle 

If your children have already filled up on their fair share of chocolate over Easter, have a go at an Easter puzzle. Cut up a picture or map and hide the pieces in eggs hidden around the garden. Once they find all the eggs, they can put the picture back together.

5. Eggsplosive!

Another great party idea with a twist. Top off Easter with a bang by swinging at a rabbit or egg shaped piñata filled with chocolate and sweets.

6. What’s Inside the Egg?

Good things come in mysterious packages. Let the children hide a surprise inside an egg and then write three clues so that others can crack the mystery.

7. Search for the Golden Egg

As well as regular chocolate eggs, you could hide a plastic golden egg with something special hidden inside, like a small toy. The chance at an extra prize will delight the little ones!

8. Egg and Spoon Race

This activity is as old as time but still gets the kids excited. Get active this Easter by racing back and forth with an egg in a spoon. The first one to cross the line wins!

9. Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark!

All you need to do for this super fun activity is paint your eggs (non-edible) in glow in the dark paint, and hide them all around the house and garden and wait until it’s dark enough to go looking for them!

10. Smashing Glitter Eggs

This smashing game is sure to create some laughs. Hollow out some eggs and fill with confetti or glitter, making sure one is filled with gold glitter. Hide the eggs as normal and once they’ve all been found get the kids to smash the eggs.The winner is the one who finds the egg filled with gold glitter.

11. Time Machine

What will the kid’s remember from this year’s Easter? Let them write a letter to themselves that they can place inside an egg and open up next year. You could even bury them in the garden and dig them up next Easter!

12. Secret Easter bunny

Children enjoy making presents for others, so let them make a small gift for a friend or family member, hide it inside the shell and secretly swap eggs.


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