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19 Jaw-Dropping Examples of Garden Street Art

19 Jaw-Dropping Examples of Garden Street Art

As famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso once said, “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” So go ahead, grab a sponge and get scrubbing away that dust, cleansing your soul in the process, with these 10 breathtaking examples of garden street art we’ve pulled together. You’re welcome…


1) Groovy wall art of a man combing his hair which happens to be a tree.

street-art-interacts-with-nature-1 Image Credit: Nuxuno Xan

2) A girl playing hide and seek in the bushes or maybe inviting you to see what’s inside the garden shed?

street-art-interacts-with-nature-28 Image Credit: Ernest Zacharevic

3) An interesting Banksy piece with a black silhouette of a girl in a dress and hat, watering flowers.

Image Credit: Banksy

4) Portions of a girls face with the overhead bushes as her hair.

street-art-interacts-with-nature-30 Image Credit: Fauxreel

5) A very colourful and detailed piece of a girl watering the side-house tree.

street-art-interacts-with-nature-2 Image Credit: Natalia Rak

6) A small yet clever piece of a pink cheerleader using grass as her pom-poms.

street-art-nature-pink-girl Image Credit: Sandrine Boulet

7) A very illustrative style is shown here with a man and his tree afro.

10492287_248252881965716_5931860476539118768_n Image Credit: Pinterest

8) A pack of camels traversing the cracks of a side wall.

street-art-nature-oakoak Image Credit: Mudfooted

9) A stunning creation of a mother bird feeding her newborns.10402588_248252818632389_5248446586532376350_n Image Credit: BlazePress

10) This sidewalk piece has a friendly alien raking in your leaves.

street-art-interacts-with-nature-13 Image Credit: David Zinn

11) The future is in Iran.


Image Credit: David Zinn

12) Follow your art with this cute yet compelling piece by artist Scampi from NZ.


Image Credit: Scampi

13) “Defend your creative freedom” is the call of this colossal artwork.


Image Credit: INTI

14) Bigger is better with this amazing art inspired by a song.


Image Credit: Deih

15) Natalia Rak painted this on the streets of streets of Ragusa.


Image Credit: Natalia Rak

16) Bomb away the boredom of the walls with this simple yet stunning work.


Image Credit: Trebel Art

3D street art. These interactive street art turn necks and take the time of passersby.

17) Edgar Mueller is among the most famous 3D street artists in Europe.


Image Credit: Edgar Mueller


18) Julian Beever creates fantastic street art drawings.


Image Credit: Julian Beever

19) Artist Tracy Lee Stum always makes the most interesting of street art, taking the audience to an entirely new perspective.



Here’s another art on the street you can appreciate at night. It is called solar art and is done by Peter Erskine.


Image Credit: Peter Erskine

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